Really? No OL in the first two rounds?

Another draft in the book, with us not taking an offensive lineman in the first two rounds. According to Football Outsiders, more elite offensive linemen (or really any non-kicking position except maybe RB) come from the first two rounds, than the rest of the draft. Also around the 5th round or so there is a serious drop off in talent.

Since 2001, we've only drafted an OL ONCE in the first two rounds.


Here are some numbers:

Total 1st round picks since 2001: 9 in 11 drafts

Total 2nd round picks: 8 in 11 drafts

Total 1st used on offense: 4 (WR, QB, QB, LT)

Total 1st used on defense: 5 (S, CB, S, LB, DL)

Total 2nd used on offense: 5 (RB, WR, WR, WR, TE)

Total 2nd used on defense: 3 (CB, LB, DL)


Totals by unit:

Offensive skill positions: 8 (incl. Fred Davis)

Offensive line: 1

Def front 7: 4

Secondary: 4

Basically every regime going back to Marty Schottenheimer has devoted a vast majority of early round picks to offensive skill position (not that you'd know it from our team currently) and defense, specifically secondary.


A common thread among all regimes has been to neglect drafting OL early.




If anyone wonders why our OL is such a huge questionmark, this it. But I'm sure not many of us are wondering. Everyone knows our OL is either mediocre or awful, depending on your flavor of kool aid.

Which brings me to the real issue: I just want to know what Shanahan's thoughts are.

  • None of the many available prospects were worthwhile?
  • We can find a good OL in Free Agency?
  • Or worst of all: The OL is good enough?

Shanahan is soon to have two drafts under his belt where the ultimate decision-making rests with him. So let's make no mistake about who made or approved these picks. And who made or approved this team's plan.

Executive Vice President and personnel-director Mike Shanahan, YOU are officially on the clock, and in February 2012, we will take stock of what you have or haven't built, or more importantly, what our foundation looks like going forward. Because right now, we have an OL foundation thast consists of precisely one player.

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