The plan for the 2nd Round

After a great first round set us up for a potentially great second round, there are three big questions facing the skins:

  1. Do we take a QB?
  2. Do we take a skill position (WR or RB specifically)
  3. Do we try to tradeback again?

I think the proper path for the skins is as follows:


At this point, we are looking at Mallet, Kap, or Dalton. None of these have me jumping out of my chair. Mallet is an exciting player, but not great for our scheme (not impossible, just not real high on it). We have been waiting on a franchise QB for 10 years, which begs the question, is ours among these three?

I tend to think not. I think we can land a much better QB with our 1st round pick next year. Rex can be a competent stopgap, and even if he isn't, that just nets us a better 1st rounder next year. If somehow McNabb is back, fine, because then he can train whoever we take next year. We simply need starters from these picks, and cant wait around on a project QB.

RB and WRs:

I know we have no #1 receiver, and even Moss is a FA, but there are also some solid WRs available in free agency. With the 7th or 8th most passing yards next year, I think WR needs to wait to be addressed in FA, plus relying/hoping on the fact that Kelly contribute to some degree.

RB is a little different. If Torrain goes down at some point, which is HIGHLY LIKELY, we are back where we were in 2009, when we ran through 3-4 backup RBs. Then our passing attack suffers, and our QB gets killed. Shanny is good with late round RBs, so I don't necesarily think we need a RB in the 2nd. HOWEVER, if Shanny sees a star in Ryan Williams, than he should pull the trigger.

Trading Back, and who we should pick:

I think it will be much harder to tradeback in the 2nd than it was in the 1st. I am not optimistic about it. I think the three positions that should potentially be addressed this round are NT, OL, and RB (only if Shanny specifically likes Williams). We specifically need 2 OLineman in this draft, at least one of which needs to be a top talent taken in the 2nd.


1. Paea drops to #41. We must take him here, which means we can not take RB in the 2nd, and must either take best OL available at #49, or tradeback with 49. Trading back from #49 I think will be very hard, as QBs will most likely be gone. If we manage to tradeback, we still have to take OL with the next pick, and then we might have the luxury of a skill player in the 3rd (if we want that)

2. Paea is taken by #41. We now have the opportunity to tradeback with #41 or #49, which is much easier as a QB might still be on the board at #41. If we do not tradeback, the 5th rounder must be used on the best NT available, leaving the 2nd round free for OL and/or RB (I would be fine with two OLs). If we can tradeback though, we might be able to use our acquired 3rd (assumed) on an NT, leaving our 2nd round priority roughly the same.


Later round targets should include:

CB, FB, RB (if not taken earlier)

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