My only question about about the Redskins pick in the First round

First I want to say I absolutely loved the trade back from 16 and netting a 2nd round pick. When it said trade on the screen my first thought was they got a 3rd and 5th rounder, so getting the 49th overall pick is a steal in my book. I also was quite glad that they stuck to their board and didn't overreach for anyone (i.e. take a quarterback). 

And while I love Kerrigan and really do believe he can become a big time player at the next level, my question is should they have moved back again?

When the Redskins were on the clock at 16 this is what was on the board for them:

DE: Cam Jordan, Corey Liuget, Adrian Clayborn, Muhammed Wilkerson, Cameron Heyward and Da'Quan Bowers-

Any of these guys (including Liuget or Clayborn) could have been a big upgrade at DE and replace Haynesworth on this defense.

OLB: Kerrigan, Brooks Reed, Akeem Ayers, Jabaal Sheard, and Justin Houston-

While Kerrigan ended up the only first rounder, if the Redskins had selected one of these guys at the end of the round I doubt it would have been questioned by Mayock, Kiper and company.

CB: Prince Amukamara, Jimmy Smith, Aaron Williams, Brandon Harris, Ras-I Dowling-

Prince would have been excellent value and allowed DC to let Carlos Rogers go. Smith is probably too much of a headcase to be the pick, but the other ones would have again been good late first round value.

OL: Nate Solder, Anthony Castonzo, Gabe Carimi, Danny Watkins, James Carpenter, and Derrek Sherrod

I'm not the biggest Solder fan and think Carpenter went about 15 picks to early (I was hoping he'd be there for us in the 2nd), I couldn't argue with landing one of these guys with a trade back or two. 

WR: Jon Baldwin-

I didn't want a WR early and I still don't, but I personally think Baldwin is roughly = to Julio Jones who went 20 picks higher. Hard to argue with taking him if the Skins had picked up a couple of extra picks

For me with the board holding all those first round talents at positions of need, its hard to say that Kerrigan was the be all end all pick for Washington. While trading back to the 20's might have meant no Kerrigan, Washington was going to land an impact guy and some extra draft picks. Now it is impossible to know what was offered, but I'm guessing there was an offer or two on the table, and part of me wonders if it would have been worth moving back again (I know I'm greedy, I should just be content with the baby steps of not grabbing a quarterback). 

Steve Shoup has been a Redskins fan his entire life and dreams of the day they get back to the glory days of his youth. In addition to his regular piece on Hogs Haven, you can find his daily writings at  And if get a chance, check out my NFL Draft LIVE Chat, covering every pick during the entire draft! Hope to see you there!   

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