How I Think the Top10 of This Draft Will Unfold

This has been on of the most confusing drafts I have seen in a long time.  Part of this has to do with no free agency occuring pre-draft, and the other part is hung on many questions surrounding the top prospects. 


Here is how I view the top10 to shake out come this Thursday evening.

Panthers - Marcel Dareus   DT   Alabama

Dareus is a versatile defender who can excell in any scheme.  The value and need certainly match up for this pick.  The Panthers try and use the smoke screen for another team to move into the 1st spot to select Cam Newton, but when it comes down to the wire, there are no takers.


Broncos - Paterick Peterson  CB   LSU

Dareus would have been the easy choice here, but since he's gone, and the team is moving away from the 3-4, this kind of takes Miller out of the equasion.  The Broncos come away with the best player in this draft in Peterson.  Not a bad consolation prize. 


Buffalo Bills - Cam Newton   QB   Auburn

Von Miller is very enticing here, but the Aaron Maybin experiment may have scared them off a bit.  O-Line is a major concern, but no player in this draft who would play in the trenches is worth selecting at #3 overall.  The Bills go with the Uber-talented, yet raw Newton.  At least he will be able to extend the play with his legs while he is running for his life in Buffalo. 


Bengals - Blaine Gabbert   QB   Missouri

This is where things become interesting.  Even if Carson Palmer has a change of heart(all signs point to him standing his ground), the Bengals will eventually need to groom his replacement.  Gabbert will need some time to adapt to an NFL offense, but he is a good project to have.


Arizona Cardinals - Von Miller   LB   Texas A&M

The Cards would have loved to have either Newton or Gabbert drop to them, but since the two signal callers went back-to-back at #3 and #4, the Cardinals take the next best option in Miller.  He should be able to step right in from day 1, and provide a boost to the pass rush.   I would expect the Cardinals to make a push for one of the avaliable veteran QB's after the draft(McNabb, Kolb, Orton). 


Browns - A.J. Green   WR   Georgia

The Browns need weapons for the young McCoy.  Green is the most complete WR in the draft.  Adding Green, to play along with McCoy, Hillis, Cribbs, and Big Joe Thomas, makes this offense somewhat legit. 


49ers - Robert Quinn   OLB   N. Carolina

The 49ers wanted Peterson bad, but since he's gone, they go with the next best pass rusher in the draft.  Prince Amukamara could be an option here as well, but my guess is that harbaugh and Co. have him well behind Peterson on their draft board.


Titans - Nick Fairley   DT   Auburn

The Titans are elated that Fairley slips to them at #8.  He is a great value, and also fills a position of need.  I also wouldn't be completely shocked if this is the spot a trade took place, with both Prince A, Julio Jones and Fairley all being on the board.  If Tenn were to move back in a trade, I wouldn't be surprised if they targeted a QB like Ryan Mallett later in the 1st. 


Dallas Cowboys - Prince Amukamara   CB   Nebraska

Tyron Smith was certainly a consideration here.  So was trading back.  The value, however, of Amukamara is too good to pass up.  If the Cowboys did decide to trade this pick, the Rams would be an ideal suiter, as they have expressed a desire to give Sam Bradford some weapons in the WR corps, and Julio Jones is still on the board.


Redskins - ???????????????????


I'll let you guys fill in the pick!


Happy Easter!

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