A Positive Take on the 2010 Season

Many would have you think that the Redskins 2010 season was a colossal failure that wasn't part of the "3 Year Plan" stated by Shanahan. I think differently. Here's why...

Note: In some cases, I play devils advocate with being SO positive. But I am tired of all the self hate we are seeing on the radio and here on the internet.

Sure, this season wasn't all great. I wish we didn't trade for McNabb. It was a mistake, but it wasn't the end of the world.

The first thing to note is the Redskins were competitive in nearly every game they played this past season. Every game was exciting and watchable. Every game we showed signs of improvement and possibility. I'm not suggesting we were a playoff team, but we certainly were better than 6-10.

Week 1- What a game. Sure, the offense was lackluster, but D. Hall and luck made it an instant Skins-Boys classic. In this case, we just got the win, but it was a great one. If you ever have time, google "Redskins-Cowboys 2010 reactions", it's fun to see a Skins fan tape the final play in a Dallas bar. Really fun. That stadium was ROCKING.

Week 2- We have an offense! McNabb can play in this system and run it well. We put points on the board! WE SCORED.

Week 3- Eh. Not so great. The Rams have our number, but it was close for quite a while.

Week 4- BAM! 2-0 in the division. We knocked out Michael Vick. We were aggressive! The Redskins beat up the guys playing against them! McNabb makes an inspirational speech afterward, and the season looks promising. 2-2.

Week 5- For some reason, this game will always stick with me as a great one. Maybe it was because I went with a friend (as opposed to family, which is fine), but because we made plays. Landry's fumble recovery made him a midseason MVP. And that McNabb to Armstrong touchdown... That was the best. AA is a future star.

Week 6- Another tight game. We went toe to toe with a great team, even with injuries, in the Colts. We would have won if it wasn't for a catch of the year play. If you look at that replay, you see Joey Galloway standing on the 10 with his arms right there... but a one hander from a third string safety ended the heroics. Oh yea, we didn't stink up primetime and we scored lots of points again.

Week 7- A bad offense was aided by DeAngelo Hall, who had 4 interceptions, tying an NFL record! That play, along with his performance in Week 1 and throughout the season made me feel a lot better about the contract we gave him.

Week 8- This is where it got hazy. Shanahan made a stupid decision in benching McNabb. Really stupid. He showed he wasn't media savvy, and the rails began to come off. Lets not forget about Brandon Banks! 4-4.

Week 10- We fell victim to a like it or not unbelievable Eagles team. They played tremendous football in a rout that stings. I was able to say I stayed to the bitter end, in a terrible showing. You could argue that our offense played well at times, but was stifled by a far superior Eagles offense, and a terrible Redskins defense.

Week 11- Strangely, after the Eagles game, the season felt over, didn't it? We were 4-5 and I remember that being the first game that I didn't feel unbelievably excited for football. We won in another great finish. Wait a minute, were 5-5.

Week 12- Heartbreak. Brandon Banks almost set off a potential playoff run. A rookie mistake ended that dream, and playoff hopes look dismal. That was the game that put in a dagger. We felt, in my opinion, that we were too injured and too tired to keep fighting. 5-6.

Week 13- Yea. The Giants. They clobbered us in their home stadium, as they always do. At least we got to see the gold pants.

Week 14- The season is essentially over. Were fighting between 5-11 and 9-7 however. I just hung my head when we missed that damn extra point. It just couldn't happen at a worse time. But we saw great things from Ryan Torain! He was able to break off big runs, not just chunks of 3 or 4 yards.

Week 15- The season is over. We have questions in lots of directions. We chose to see if we have a backup or potential starter in Rex Grossman. We did. He put up points, the most we scored all season. We played tooth and nail when the season was over to almost beat the Cowboys. Another great game.

Week 16- We beat a moderate team. They had to play for their jobs against a team trying to make it in the playoffs, and we beat them. Carlos Rodgers had an interception!! Barnes made the play when it mattered, and Gano made his third game winning overtime field goal of the year.

Week 17- I don't care that we lost in the rain with, again, nothing to play for. Grossman completed big plays to receivers. That's what I love! We played another exciting game filled with TOUCHDOWN WASHINGTON!


New positive players

Ryan Torain

Keiland Williams

Anthony Armstrong

Brandon Banks

Fred Davis

Lorenzo Alexander

Adam Carriker

Perry Rielly

Anthony Bryant


So our team wasn't that terrible was it? We played hard in every game. That cannot be disputed. We played tough. The character of this team has changed. Let's draft the best defensive player or offensive lineman at ten. 10 years from now, that guy will be playing. Do the other for round two. If we trade back, get Jake Locker and bolster key areas like defensive line, linebacker, running back, wide receiver, and so forth. In two or three years, with good drafts and lots of trade backs and player for pick trades, we could be stocked with talent.

So that's just my overly positive take.

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