If Ryan Mallett Slips to the Second Round, the Redskins Should Take Him

This should be fun to see some of the reaction this post will generate.  Eitherway, I will go out on a limb(a rather short, fragile one though) and say that if Ryan Mallett is avaliable in the 2nd round, at our pick #41, and we have ignored the quarterback position in the 1st round, we should think about pulling the trigger. 


Now, I know many on here have problems with his immaturity, immobility, and smarts, but those things aside, this kid is one hell of a QB.  He can spin the ball with the best in the game.  His 6' 6" frame will be an asset not a detriment.  He will have no problem threading the needle on the 20yd dig, and can reach out and touch any WR in this league from 50 yards and beyond.


One of the things that people overlook with Mallett is his ability to throw outside the pocket.  He is excellent when throwing on the run, and can often make the between-the-hash throw, while still roling to his left or right(something that fewer than 5% of NFL QB's can make). 

Now, I really like Locker, but if we don't want to reach for him at #10, and a guy like Tryon Smith, or Julio Jones is there in the 1st, and we don't have a partner to trade back with, we may need to make that pick.  Smith would be my first choice, but it may be hard for him to sneak past Dallas at #9, so Julio would be my next favorite option. 


Now, entering the 2nd, we still have a glaring need a QB.  Guys who still could be avaliable are Ponder, Kap and Mallett.  I have seen Mallett play since he was a senior in High School, and every time, I have come away amazed.  To get a kid of his talent in the 2nd would be a huge value IMO. 


Below are some stats from his last two seasons at Arkansas(also remember he was playing against the best defenses in the country):


2009 - 13 games   3624yds  55.8%   30 tds   7 int's

2010 - 13 games   3869yds   64.7%    32 tds   12 int's

***Each year at Arkansas he averaged over 9 yards per completion. 


Of all the QB's in this years draft, I believe Mallett is the most NFL ready.  Besides taking off and running for a 40 yard gain, there is not a thing this kid can't do on the football field. 


I know many of you don't like him because you preceive him as "dumb", "too tall", "injury prone", and "immature".  Some will also point to character issues as a reason why you don't want to draft him.  All I can say is that the kid is a "player".  He's proven this over the last 2 seasons. 


If stats and ability speak for themselves, than maybe you should take a listen. 

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