NFL Draft Profile: Henry Hynoski, FB, Pitt



Another late-round gem for your consideration:

Henry Hynoski, FB, Pitt

6'1, 260 lbs, 5.09 40 yard dash time at combine (but suffered hamstring injury)



             o   Does the dirty work

             o   Strong lead blocker who hits hard

             o   Intelligent at picking up blitzes

             o   Displays good hands out of the backfield (40 catches for 283 yards over past two seasons).


  • Limited carries at Pitt (36 carries over past 2 years)
  • Does not have breakaway speed
  • Inconsistent knee-bending while taking on LBs and picking up blitzes
  • Suffered mild concussion in October 2010
  • Suffered mild Achilles injury at Scouting Combine - could not participate at Pitt Pro Day. Has not set up a new time.

Draft Projection:

Luckily for the Redskins, fullbacks are not highly sought after in the draft. The top FB in last year’s class, John Conner (of Terminator fame), was taken by the Jets in the 5th round. While Hynoski is regarded as one of the top 3 FBs this year (#2 by Mayock, #2 by drafttek, #4 by CBSSports, #4 by nfldraftscout), it is feasible he could go anywhere from 5th to 7th round.


Analysis for Redskins:

Mike Shanahan’s run-heavy west coast offense features numerous formations with a fullback or motion tight-end. Quite often the running back is audibled to block while the full-back is used as a checkdown in the flats. We saw Chris Cooley moving in and out of the backfield last season, very similar to how Hynoski was used in Pitt. While Mike Sellers has been a solid contributor in the past, he is getting to the age where a replacement is needed. Last year, TE Dennis Morris was drafted for this position, but that did not work out (he was traded to the Rams). Look for Shanahan to try again in this year’s draft, as the versatile position plays a critical role in the offense.  Hynoski has been compared favorably to Mike Alstott and Lorenzo Neal.


LJP-approved Highlight Video:

I can't get the embed feature to work:

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