Ok I have about had enough of this crap

There was a time in my life when I had the American dream of playing proffesional sports . I along with others worked my ass off day in and day out to be the best player I could be. To prove to others that dedication and hard work will pay off .Then I came to grips with reality . Those who play pro sports are a different breed . It has alot to do with bloodlines. And a little bit of luck .

Now it seems these players complain about anything and everything . I mean I could go to my boss and say ... you make all this money and if it were not for me and my fellow employees you would not be as succesful. So we demand more money and benefits of we will not work. My boss would most likely laugh at us and put a ad in the paper seeking new employees.

It seems as these players need to realize that nobody held a gun to their head and forced them into this sport. They are very fortunate to have the luxury of playing a game for a living.

Its like this . you are fortunate enough to have a job . Now is not the time to make demands . You all have 2 options . You play this sport for your current pay or you dont play period . We will lock out this season . Add numerous draft picks for each team . Next season we hold a draft all in the same and start over from scratch . Good luck to most of you guys that decided to forgoe your college education in order to play a sport that you care nothing about . Walk a mile in the average mans shoes and work for average money. Maybe then they will realize how easy they do have it.

People this sport is turning into a joke . The fans not the players are what keeps this sport thriving . Yet we are the ones who suffer . With the rule changes year in and year out I begin to wonder what the real motive is . Is itr all about the money now ? Is it about player safety ? Is it about politics ? I think myself that its money and politics . Player safety is just a cover.

I may be wrong. if its about the players safety in this violent sport . Why dont we just put a flag on each hip of the players or just play two hand touch ? By the time its all said and done... Thats where its gonna end up.

If you dont want to get your body beat up for a living then take up golf or baseball ( maybe you cand stand around, grab your nuts and spit until the ball comes your way ) No offense to you baseball players out there.

Ok im ready for my thrashing. Have at it

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