Christian Ponder in the Second ??

After a very good Pro Day & if his arm strength checks out, Ponder in the second ??          


   Christian Ponder is definitely an interesting prospect, highly intelligent (he has an undergraduate & masters degree in finance & a 2nd masters in sports management) & he scored a 35 on the wonderlic. He is a leader, is undeniably talented & 6-3 & 222 lb.s he is the prototypical size for a QB. The biggest knock on Ponder has been his arm strength after a grade 3 right shoulder separation that he suffered while tackling a DB after an int. 

    Ponder was the Senior Bowl MVP with seven completions out of thirteen attempts for 132 yd.s & two TDs. He has good pocket presence & excellent footwork but has had some nagging elbow injuries that needed minor surgery during the 2010 season. He looked very good at his Pro Day, throwing the short, intermediate & the long ball with his usual extreme accuracy.

    Among the onlookers was Jay Gruden who is the new OC in Cininnati & unfortunately will pick in front of us in both the 1st & 2nd rd.s.

    I think that he is a QB that would be a pretty good fit for the Skins. I think that Mike & Kyle both value intelligence in a QB. Mike Shannahan drafted both Jay Cutler, Brian Griese & Jake Plummer (not sure about Plummer but I think most would agree that Griese & Cutler are both very bright guys). Kyle Shannahan worked & was very successful with Matt Schaub (another very bright guy). Ponder is very mobile & is a very good athlete, another trait that I think Mike Shannahan likes in his QB. At his Pro Day, Ponders arm strength was described as above average which is good but IMO Shannahan would prefer a QB who has elite arm strength which is why I qualify Ponder as a "pretty good fit".

   Ponder has good stats after a four year career at FSU, especially considering he was never at 100% during his senior season. He also passes Kevin's 26-27-60 QB draft formula with flying colors. If we don't draft a QB in the 1st then I hope we give Ponder a hard look in the 2nd.

Statistics Att Comp Pct Yds TD Int Rating   Att Yds Avg TD  
2010 299 184 61.5 2,044 20 8 135.7   100 180 1.8 4  
2009 330 227 68.8 2,717 14 7 147.7   72 179 2.5 2  
2008 318 177 55.7 2,006 14 13 115.0   119 423 3.6 4  
2007 18 8 44.4 105 1 2 89.6   5 51 10.2 0  
2006 0 0 0.0 0 0 0 0.0   0 0 0.0 0  
Career 965 596 61.8 6,872 49 30 132.1   296 833 2.8 10  
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