NFL Draft Profile: DE/DT David Carter UCLA

DE/DT David Carter, UCLA

Measurables: 6'5" 300

Background: One year starter as a Senior, is the older brother of Fresno State. OLB Chris Carter



  • Size to play both inside and outside
  • Good frame, doesn't get engulfed by blockers
  • Long arms, can affect passing lanes and keep blockers off of him
  • Show's a decent anchor in the run game
  • Get's some penetration in the pass rush
  • Offers good upside and potential 
  • Really looked good at the East-West Shrine game
  • Only was a starter his last season
  • Can get sloppy in his play and doesn't play up to potential enough 
  • Wasn't invited to the combine, so harder to compare his numbers from drills
  • Probably will be limited early in his career
  • Needs to learn to read and react better


Carter really jumped up on the radar of NFL teams as the season wore on, and went from being an afterthought to a potential UDFA. After a very strong Shrine week, he entered into the mix as a late round guy. He looks to project better against the pass than against the run, but he has the frame and long arms that make you believe he can do well in both areas. 

Carter doesn't project as a star, but he does have he raw talent to become a very good starter at the next level. His natural size and athleticism, will allow him to contribute as a back up and special teams as a rookie, but likely won't be a significant contributor for a year or two.

Why he makes sense for the Redskins:

Anyway you cut it the Redskins need to get younger along their defensive line. If they don't address the position with their first couple of picks, Carter could offer good value in the late rounds. He's got some good upside, and really came on this past year, so you have to like his projection, and the way he is trending is a positive. 

He's by no means a perfect solution for the Redskins defensive end woes, but he would be an upgrade and offers the potential for more.

Draft Projection:

Carter is projected to go anywhere from the 6th round to being an undrafted free agent. He could go late 6th round, but my guess is he is taken in the mid-7th range. He would be a nice pick up for the Skins with their 7th round pick, and is worth consideration for their 6th rounder as well.

Steve Shoup has been a Redskins fan his entire life and dreams of the day they get back to the glory days of his youth. In addition to his regular piece on Hogs Haven, you can find his daily writings at
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