Philosophy vs. Talent

I have been thinking about this a lot lately and wanted to know if anyone else shares this philosophy. Is talent really all that important in the NFL? Sure, you have your guys like Peyton Manning, but if you make an NFL roster then chances are you are pretty damn talented.

Was anyone else watching the Super Bowl or other big games this year and you would see a guy make a big play and go "who the hell is that guy?"  I really think the mindset and culture laid down by a coach is 100 times more important than the level of talent on your roster. If you can get 53 men to believe they are winners and work hard, then they will become winners. Look at Tampa Bay, they don't have any athletes that make you salivate. Sure there are guys you would want but no Andre Johnson type guys. Speaking of AJ, look at Houston, they may have the most talented roster in the league with AJ, Schaub, Williams, Ryans, Foster, etc. but yet they can never get over the hump when they should be a 12 win team easily.

This is why I think it is important to re-sign a guy like Santana Moss. He works hard, he says the right things, he has high character, he's respected, and he's a teacher. These 53 guys need to be brothers, I'd rather have a less talented, hard working player, that his teammates respect, rather then another high priced, talented free agent to throw in the mix like Vincent Jackson, Sidney Rice, etc... If we sign FAs, they need to be high character guys, who want to work hard towards a common goal and become part of the Redskins community.  I really think this is what Shanny tried to do with most of his signings this past year, but whiffed on a lot.  But this year presents more FAs, more time, and better possibilities. We need to all stop salivating at talented free agents like we are playing Madden and find great high character teammates and role players that will form this team into a cohesive unit. We need more Fletchers, Armstrongs, Alexanders, and less Haynesworths.

I really think this is what Shanny is trying to instill and there are certainly going to be growing pains. And while I'm at it MOVE THE DAMN TRAINING CAMP.

With this I give you my "low" contract FA Wishlist:
FB- Vonta Leach
FB- John Kuhn
Either one you become 6 to 7 years young at FB or maybe just give Young a shot

RB- Tim Hightower
Hardworker to add to the mix

WR- Ben Obomanu
WR- Devin Aroshamadu
WR- Steve Breaston
WR- Courtney Roby
WR- Legadu Naane

OG- Harvey Dahl
OG- Davin Joseph
OG- Daryn Colledge
OT- Jeremy Trueblodd
OT- Corey Hilliard

DL- CJ Ah You
DL- Turk McBride
DL- Charles Johnson
DL- Wallace Gilberry
DL- John McCargo

LB- Barrett Rudd
LB- Clint Session
LB- Stewart Bradley
LB- LeRoy Hill

CB- Brent Grimes
CB- Richard Marshall
S- Anyone really, it looks like a solid Safety FA class.

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