Grow the NFL, SB to Saturday.

G'day All


I made this point in a reply earlier, but as this has been a big theory of mine for a long time, I thought I would make it its own Post.


The NFL is currently trying to grow the game internationally.  I think this is sensible, as the NFL already dominates the US so to grow the game, internationally is where the space exists for growth.

They do this by having an NFL game in London every year, but I feel this is misplaced for a few reasons.

1.  The 100 000 ppl who turn up to Wembley, are the British NFL Diehards anyway, meaning it is not the most effective way to grow the game.

2.  Europe has a 100+ year love affair with Soccer, it is deeply woven into the Fabric of European life, passed down from Father to son to son over generations much like NFL in the US and it has the same issues that Soccer has trying to grow in the US for this very reason.


These two points mean that Asia is the logical place to try and grow the sport for a number of reasons.

1.  There is no major traditional Asian sport woven into the Fabric of their culture.

2.  As Asia becomes more Westernised at all times, the groun is fertile for the growth of sport.

3.  Baseball took off in Japan purely from the US presence their in the post war years, proving point 2

4.  Asia is the economic engine of the world at the moment as a billion ppl join the middle class, TV Rights will be huge and grow even more over the next 3 decades.

5.  Soccer and the English Premier League in particular is growing in Asia exponentially at the moment, but it is a new phenomenen meaning it is not a generational ingrained sport yet, meaning the NFL can win back this ground.

6.  If 10% of Chinese adopt the NFL as their favourite sport, you now have 100 million ppl watching the NFL, doubling the fanbase and raising massive money from new TV Rights.


Which leads to my idea, Asia and Australia are approx 16 hours ahead of East Coast US time, meaning the current SB begins at 10:30 am on a MOnday morning in Australia, and between 8am and Midday across Eastern Asis (Japan, China, Thailand, Malaysia etc)

The SB is an event, so if the SB is moved to a Saturday, rather than all of us diehards taking a day off work to have SB partys (mine this year at Hooters, GREAT RIBS by the way) you could have a Billion PPL wake up on Sunday morning, flick through the Channels and see the SB, which is clearly a huge event, even apart from the sport, so many ppl would watch, just to see what all the fuss is about, and then even if only 5% of these ppl develop a love for the sport, you now have 50 million new fans for the sport, thats a 50% increase in NFL fans when you assume there are a 100 million NFL fans in the US. (complete guess)


Now there will be traditionalists who would raise bloody murder about moving the SB from a Sunday, and you know what they may be right.

People would then fear that the NFL would see the success of this and want to move NFL games to Saturdays in the regular season, so that throughout Asia their new fans can watch games live on Sunday, rather than DVRing the games as I do now on a Monday then watch when I get home.  This would ruin the High School Friday, College Saturday and NFL Sunday pattern that works so well in the US.


So my question to the HH readers is this.


Would you be angry if the SB was moved from Sunday?

Would the NFL ever consider this?

Do you even care about the NFL growing as a sport internationally?

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