Cam Newton to the Skins... This HAS to be said!!!

I know there is a lot of news going on in the world right now, very important news, in fact like “world-changing” news but for some reason I can’t get my mind off of one thing: the possibility of the Redskins drafting Cam Newton.  My parents are very proud.

I feel a fire starting to build in the nations capital, a fire similar to those in California, the type of fire that starts in one small community and slowly begins to grow and grow, before you know it has taken over all of the area and is canceling NFL Football games.  Unless 9/11 occurs, someone accidently hits the button to blow the roof off the Metrodome or there are snow flurries in Philadelphia, cancelling games doesn’t happen…  This is big, very big…  I am feeling the tide in DC starting to shift in favor of Cam Newton.

“Look at his smile, he’s so big, he’s so well-spoken, he’s a freak of nature, he’s the Lebron James of QB’s, he’s a winner, etc… ”

Those are the thoughts of the majority of my friends, the same friends who thought “Mr. Golden Pipes” would be a terrific addition to the Ball Hogs Radio team.  You laugh, but you have just as quickly become infatuated with Cam Newton as our guy on the side of the road.  Quick:  tell me Cam Newton’s stats in 2009?  

I’m waiting…

Still waiting…

Okay… just tell me where he was playing in 2009?

I’m waiting…

Alright, I’m done, I don’t have time for this…

Of course you don’t know and I wouldn’t expect you to know… You can quickly comb the internet to find more than you want to know about Cam Newton, like the fact that he wears a size 14 shoe.  By the way is the perfect size shoe for all-pro Quarterbacks, just ask Mel Kiper. 

Let me give you the cliff notes on Cam Newton ( I couldn’t get in touch with his lawyer for his full-story).  He went to University of Florida in 07′ and backed up Tebow where he injured an ankle and took a medical redshirt.  Going into 2008 he was arrested for theft of a fellow students labtop and was suspended from the team.  All charges were dropped after Cam completed a court approved pretrial program.  I hope its not in the same fashion my DWI in 2001 was dropped, after I completed a handful of classes, but what I can remember of that night, I had been drinking and I was driving, so as for Cam, I’ll let you be the judge… 

He then transferred to Blinn College in Texas in 2009 and killed it!!!   Picture Tom Brady mixed with Michael Vick playing Seneca Valley High School… that type of killed it!!! 

And… we all know what happened at Auburn. 

So as you can see, this guy has taken the nation by storm quicker than the spreading of Beiber’s fever.  One great year in the spotlight and now he is the guy!  One great practice session in front of media personnel viewing practice from the lens of thier Nikon camera and this guy has elevated from a “project” a “3rd round” guy to a 1st round pick and potential Redskin at the #10 spot. 

Let me ask you this:  Did anyone think Chris Johnson was going to “kill it” this year the way he did in 2009?  How confident are you drafting Arian Foster with the #1 overall pick next year hoping he’s going to produce the type of numbers this year as he did last year?   Was I the only one freaking out that Michael Vick wasn’t putting up 50 fantasy points vs. the Vikings at the end of the season, to help secure my fantasy playoff victory?   Things changed at some point, teams began to figure things out…  It’s called game-planning, something Cam Newton has yet to see, but wait!!!

The NFL is full of smart, very smart, Mark Zuckerburg type-smart people.  When a player begins to excel, once footage is gathered and trends are figured out, that player begins to really show his true colors.  That’s why there are so few superstars in our league, so few players that despite the game-planning can still thrive at an all-pro level year after year.   College coaches didn’t have time to gather their videos and pin-point the trends and learn ways to stop it.  Colleges work off VHS videos, the NFL has Blu-Ray.  Cam Newton’s freakish ability will quickly be figured out in the NFL and that’s what scares me, because at that point he’ll have to fall back to his fundamentals, which in only one year, who know’s if he has it, unless you want to believe the Idaho Press staff writer who watched his media workout and said he was out of this world

I’ve heard this out of the world talk before…  Think Alex Smith.  Think Jamarcus Russell

Think of me as the bottle of water, batteries and milk you get before we get 5-6 inches of snow, I’m here to prepare you.  With the 10th pick and a team that has as many holes as the Washington Redskins have, going for a “boom or bust” type player, a player that has been more in the news for his off the field issues as he’s been for his 2010 season, picking him at #10 is a risk I don’t think the Redskins can and should afford to take.  It’s not smart and trust me, I’ve finished in the top-3 in fantasy for the last five years and placed in first this past year, so I know what’s being talked about. 

My fear is this: that the Redskins will start acting like your average woman who steps into a Louis Vuitton store and starts becoming mesmerized by all the finer details of the $2000 purse. “This is so gorgeous, look at the stitching on the seam, it has the authentic key lock zipper, it’ll look great with my new boots, I have to have it”  But in the meantime, the water is being cut-off, the cable company has limited you to only the core channels and your eating Ramen noodles 5-nights out of the week…

Don’t do that to us, it’s too risky, it’s not worth it, we don’t know enough about the purse… I want to eat good and watch ESPN this week!!!

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