Are You Confused Yet?

In the past 2 months, I have voiced my opinion on positions we should address in the draft, and prospects I would like to see as a Redskin with our 1st and 2nd round picks.


I have been all over the board.  I have advocated QB's such as Locker, Mallett and Newton.  I've said wait for Landry Jones next year(if he were to enter).  Recently I said I'm moving to the Offensive Line/Defensive Line side of the ball.  I then wrote a post saying why I believe we can stay away from a few positions in the first round; among them were DE and OLB. 


Sound a little confusing?


It was done so with a purpose.  That purpose was to open peoples minds to different ideas.


I actually have narrowed down my desires in the 1st two rounds to a few players, at a few different positions.  The players I covet the most may surprise some. 

So without further adu:


1st round:

1) Cam Newton - ever since the middle of the college football season, I have been a fan of Cam Newton.  I saw what he was able to do in high school, and I was waiting for that talent to transulate to the college game.  Well it certainly has.  I feel there is no better Q-Back to run out offense than Cam.  There is not a thing he can't do on a football field.  Off-field issues are a concern to me, but I am willing to give him a chance based of his football ability.

2a) Marcel Dareus - I don't think he'll last until 10, but if Newton is gone, and Dareus is there, he's my pick.  He's already played in the 3-4, and he will be a nightmare at DE, and even the occasional NT.

2b) Robert Quinn - Another guy I can't see being there at 10, but if he is, and Cam isn't, it's a no-brainer.

3) Akeem Ayers - I absolutely love this kid as a 3-4 OLB.  He is a freakish athlete, who paired with Rak, will cause headaches for opposing O-Coordinators.  He will be a riser at the combine once scouts see his abilities.  Physically freak!


2nd round:

1) Phil Taylor - I can only pray he drops to the early 2nd, but I don't think by any stretch of the imagination that will happen.  Only time will tell.  I still list him here, as he is a certain want of mine.

2) Jake Locker - Locker is the only other QB in this class I'd consider taking outside of Newton.  No way would I ever pull the trigger on him at #10, but if we miss on Cam, and Locker were to slide to the 2nd, I would definitly take him.

3) Jon Baldwin - I've never hidden my desire for a big-play WR, and Baldwin is just that.  He had a poor junior year, but chalk that up to his surrounding cast(ie. the terrible play of his QB).  He is a nightmare in the open field, and a mismatch in the red zone.  His stock will elevate after the combine.

4) Allen Bailey - I love the size and athletic ability of this kid.  I know he is raw, but the potential is there.  Add 10 lbs to his frame, and plug him in at DE.

5) Jeremy Beal - I love the size, speed and athleticism that Beal possesses.  If Ayers isn't selected in the 1st, Beal would certainly be an option in the 2nd.


You'll notice that I have not included any O-Linemen in my wish list.  This was done for a reason.  Shanahan is many things, and an Idiot is not one of them.  He traded for Brown last year, and we saw two different players throughout the season.  The first was a player who was coming off injuries, and was adjusting to playing RT.  The second, was a player who showed when healthy, he can be a damn good OT.  I don't believe we wasted a draft pick(unlike McNabb), on a one year rental.  I expect the Skins to re-sign him for the next few years.


At C and G, I believe(and have felt this way for a while now), that we have some players on this roster who can play at a pretty high level.  Shanny saw something he liked in Licht, and for good reason.  He improved as the season went on, and I expect him to be a started at either C or G in 2011.  Cook and Capers need to be given a look to see if they are ready.  I believe the staff already has a good feeling on both, and I view that to be positive.


Many of the linemen we have are better than a rookie would be right now.  Now if these players were old, I would say go get younger in the draft, as the older players are not likely to get much better, but we have a lot of youth on our line, and we need to cultivate that youth.  The youth will only get better.  So in fairness, I say sign a good FA G, replace Rabach at C(either with a FA, of an existing player like Licht or Cook), and develop what we have already. 

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