The Redskins are building a "Team" Mentality

I had a moment in the day to take a look at a few things on Youtube. I found this clip of the Redskins 2010 Highlights. From these highlights and after careful consideration, I have come to the conclusion that we don't have to blow up this team in order for us to contend. Please watch this clip, come back and read the rest after the jump

Here is what we should do and what i feel we need to do in order to keep growing as a team:

*DO NOT (I REPEAT) DO NOT TRADE DONOVAN MCNABB! - I know that this should get the blog rolling with  opinions, but hear me out. If you asked me if I thought we needed an upgrade at the QB position, I would probably say yes. That being said, why can't that upgrade be McNabb himself? Lets give him an offseason to get better acclaimated to his WRs and coaches. He has been very bad at times, but, also, he has show flashes of what he could do if he grasped the offense completely. I believe, that if we can somehow shore up the Oline, keep Torain and Keiland healthy, and get some type of weapons on the outside, McNabb could very well thrive in this offense. GIVE IT TIME!!!

*We need to get rid of this mentality that everytime something doesn't go right during the season, cut each and every player, coach or even owner for that matter - I believe that this thinking is exponentially flawed. For example, let's say you work for a company. If you have a year where maybe you didn't do as well as you thought you could, or a year in which you experienced a brand new change in the culture and philosophy of the company, how would you feel about being fired? Unfortunately folks, this is the reality that the players face every year. The NFL is their job as well. There are so many factors that play into having a succesful season. Until this team learns the value of drafting players who are both talented and hard working, how to get quality free agents without breaking the bank and consistensy and continuity in the front office as well as the coaching staff, this team will never be able to win, no matter who we think needs to go or who we think needs to be signed. This team has experienced to much turnover during the last 10 years or so.

*Speaking of the draft - Let's be realistic here. I saw a few posts on the probability of trading picks. All specualation and hopes and wishes. The reality is that we don't have many picks. If we bank on the prospect of getting more picks, what will happen to our draft strategy. We need to focus on keeping the picks that we have and making sure that we get the most talented and most hard-working players available at that position. This team has too many holes to fill for us to expect that this thing will be turned around this year, with this year's draft picks. Can it happen? Sure it can. Is it likely that it will happen? Who knows? We have to understand what's in our control and right now we have 7 picks this year in 5 rounds. Lets make our decisions based on what we have and not on what we believe we can acquire. (PS - please spare me the whole lets trade this and that for picks. Why would you trade your most talented players for a chance at an unproven player??? Trade Hall, trade Cooley??? This makes no sense to me at all)

*Haynesworth - If you can trade him for anything, trade him. If you can't, cut him. He is a malcontent and a he has all but shown that he will not and won't adhere to the standards that Coach Shanahan wants the players to abide by. If he wants to be on board and give 100% to this team, I am all for him staying. Lets be real here, when he is on, he can be unstoppable. The problem is, I don't think HE realizes how much potential he has and is so lazy that he doesn't want to get better.

KEEP SANTANA MOSS -  This may be my most emphatic all bold and caps headline of this post. I keep hearing people say that we should let him walk in hopes that someone else will come in and replace what he has done. Please ladies and gentlemen, for the love of all that is Holy get a grip on reality. Moss has been THE most productive REDSKIN ever since he has came here! I believe that a lot of what he is being judged upon occured during a stretch of games where Moss may have dropped a couple of balls. What receiver never has a drop?? C'mon skins fans. We are talking about getting rid of the heart and soul of this team. All my life, I have seen players come and go. Of all of those players, with the exception of ST21 (RIP), Moss arguably has been a true REDSKIN at heart. I love Santana like he was my brother. He is and will always be a REDSKIN in my heart. Bruce, do yourself, and all of us a favor and sign him so that he can finish his career where he belongs!

C'MON Skins Fans, I don't know about you but I am tired of the turnover every year. Lets start to gain a little consistency for a change. You never know, that may be what this team has been missing all this time.



PS  - If there are any other things that I may have omitted, please feel free to add you own bullet point and defend it to the death!!! LOL! HAIL Skins!

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