A question to all Redskin fans

I have spent the last couple of weeks thinking about the draft and the future of the franchise.  I had a thought so I thought that I would share it with all of you and get some feed back.  As we all know the Skins need a QB but the overall consensus seems to be that none of the QBs in this years draft are sure fire things.  Cam has the physical tools but people are scared off by his attitude and the off the field problems.  Locker's stock has dropped like his accuracy and Mallet is making himself seem like he is dumb as a brick.  Now stay with me here for a second.

Lets pretend for a second that Andrew Luck is a sure fire Franchise QB who could/probably will be a HOF.  The problem is that he is not declaring for this years draft.  The only ways for the Skins to obtain him would be to either trade away an entire draft to trade up and get him or tank during the season.  So here is the question.

What would be your reaction to the Skins going say 1-15 (1-17 if we have 18 games) next year.  Since this is hypothetical lets also pretend that the losses are not blow outs the Skins are in every game and don't lose any by more that 7 points. The losses are numerous but they are not embarrassing like the Monday Night game to the Eagles.  This kind of season would almost assure that the Skins could draft Luck.  Since there would be a rookie wage scale by that point the franchise would have to forgo any free agents to be able to draft him. 

Would it be worth going through a season like this if it made sure that the Skins would have their QB of the future for more than the next decade.  If he was like Payton or Brady and didn't miss games because of injury and didn't get in trouble off the field.  If he knew what to say to the media.  What would you want to happen to the coaching staff that led this team to a 1-15 record.  Which on the surface would seem like a major regression from this year.  If after drafting him the Skins won at least 12 games a year for 8 straight years with the current staff in place would it change your opinion of this staff. 

I know this was kind of long winded but here is the gist of what I am asking

Again pretending that Andrew Luck was a sure fire franchise QB and a future HOF.

1. What would be your immediate reaction to going 1-15 next year (assuming that we wouldn't know Luck was gonna be that good.

2. What actions would you want Dan Snyder to take (ex fire Shanny and son, do nothing since it would have only been 2 years with the team and he has super bowl rings)

3. Do you think you could handle having to go through a season with that much losing.

4. Would it be worth losing that much if it the franchise would have the best QB it's ever had and be in position to compete for years.

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