Matt Barkley Scouting Profile

Matt Barkley

Vs Minnesota

First game of the year, he better light it up. Through watching this game, this guy makes a lot of out pattern throws. I haven’t seen him miss one yet. He makes all the timing throws. I’ve seen a lot of dropped passes, could have had a better statistical day for sure. Barkley is amazing at throwing on the run. I have never seen a qb with so much zip and accuracy when moving outside the tackle and throwing on the run.

VS Utah

I couldn’t find really much footage of this game. Looks like it was a defensive battle. It’s very obvious again that Barkley can’t miss his guys when he’s outside the pocket throwing on the run.

VS. the fighting IRISH

So far watching the game tape of Matt Barkley I’m seeing a guy that would be a phenomenal QB for any team. This guy has great touch, great vision, and great athletic ability. If you go and watch the tape you will see this guy is amazing at working through his progressions and has incredible footwork. He often has players in his face while he works through his progressions and is quick to make his reads, make a decision and get rid of the ball. The only problem I’ve seen so far is his velocity and arm strength.

VS. #4 Oregon

Once again I’ve seen precise throws and an amazing skill to work through progressions and hit the open receiver. Some of these throws are throws to receivers that are amazing and not to wide open guys. I’m talking about professional NFL grade throws and touch that only the most elite can make. He puts it where only his guys can catch it. He doesn’t make all the throws but he is only human. He truly reminds me of Aaron Rodgers with his ability to make plays. He is great at throwing on the run and more then half of the time is throwing off of play action and/or rolling out.

VS Arizona State University

The kid is making great reads but off of play action he’s missing his throws. On a good note he’s with out a doubt making the right reads. The kid can straight up throw on the run though, he has a lot of zip on the ball the last two games compared to the first game film I watched on him VS notre dame. So far halfway through this game he’s defiantly not playing up to par by any means. Through a couple terrible passes and what should have been a pick six. And the Barkley I’ve seen the last two games is back, making great decisions and hitting his receivers moving those chains. An overview of this game, it wasn’t his best one, he missed a lot of throws that should have been made and he tried to force some throws that just clearly weren’t there and they were HUGE mistakes. They were throws that turned into interceptions that changed the course of this game. Not impressed with the overall play of this game.

Vs Arizona

From what I’ve seen out of the tape he is great at setting up screen passes. He throws a lot of slip screens as well but against what I’ve read he isn’t getting his stats from those plays. His red zone play is amazing, and we Redskins fans need a QB that has that ability to thread the needle and make those throws that get us 6.


Pros- Watching these first four games it makes me realize this kid constantly had pressure in his face and still makes his progressions and throws. This makes me happy because with the pass rushers in the BEAST, he’s going to already be ready for this. I’ve read a lot about how Barkley just throws quick passes to his wide outs and they gain all the yards. This is not entirely true. He does throw a TON of slip screen passes but they are only for small chunks of yardage. He throws the ball so only his guy can catch it AND it gives them a chance to not only make a play but to make a play and take it to the next level. Matt Barkley can not only take a hit, he has great pocket presence and he consistently had his eyes downfield as he had pressure both from the ends and in his face. This guy is a phenomenal athlete and he can pick up the first down with his feet. He without a doubt has one of the most accurate arms I’ve seen while on the move. He is great at throwing on the run and is a great play action passer.

Cons- He misses guys on the deep ball and lacks that touch that only the best got. I think that comes with building a repo ire with your wideouts. I’ve seen him terrible underthrow his guys but when he overthrows, it’s just out of reach. He’s not perfect by any means but this is so far the only issue I can see with this kid and it’s looking like it’s not getting any better as I’ve gone through half of the season. 30 yards and less and the kid can’t miss but I’m serious he cannot hit his guys after 30 yards plus. He made some stupid throws that were not just stupid they were devastating throws that changed the course of the game.

My opinion- this kid is a number one pick of Luck isn’t in this draft. You can read all the pros I have on him and it just doesn’t do justice to how great of a quarterback Matt Barkley really is. He’s a born winner, he comes from a great program, he makes everyone around him better, and he is a great fit for Mike Shannahan’s team and his sons offense. I’ve read some stuff that he’s like J. Clausen B. Quinn because he comes from a pro style offense and that he has no upside cause he’s already as good as he can be. I disagree, he has great accuracy but I believe he is going to want to strive to be the best. He has deep throw accuracy issues and I think they can be resolved. He is no Notre Dame QB bust. He is no USC QB bust. He is in my opinion the Redskins next, and first franchise QB in over two decades.

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