What are your thoughts for Black Monday coaching changes?

I was reading this article and thought it might be fun to see what people would guess as far as HC changes will be made.

The article mentioned these teams as having HCs on the hot seat:

St. Louis
San Diego
Kansas City (Haley is already fired)
Tampa Bay

For each city state whether you think the coach will be fired and if so who the next new HC will be. Here are my guesses:

St. Louis - fired, new coach Jeff Fisher.
San Diego - fired, new coach Brian Billick. They want someone who can maximize Rivers.
Kansas City - haley is already fired, new coach Crennel.
Tampa Bay - fired, new coach is Brian Schottenheimer.
Miami - fired, new coach is Norv Turner
Jacksonville - fired (already), new coach is Jay Gruden
Indianapolis - fired (ya think?), new coach is Mike Sherman

OK, I really have no idea as I have no inside info but it's fun to speculate. And sorry to all the HCs that get fired - the good news is that you made a bundle of money last year and you work in football which is a whole lot more fun than most jobs.

I can't leave without including the comments from the article about the Redskins:

"All indications point to Mike Shanahan returning for a third season, and I'm hearing no rumblings to convince me otherwise. Still, there's almost always one surprise coaching departure at some point every January (Jeff Fisher last year, Jon Gruden in 2009) and my instincts tell me not to put Shanahan in the 100 percent safe category just yet.

What if the Redskins get blown out in ugly fashion in Week 17 at Philadelphia, falling to 5-11, which is even worse than Shanny's 6-10 debut last year in D.C.? After this year's hopeful 3-1 start, that would really have to sting for owner Daniel Snyder. There's still no certainty the Redskins are in the position to draft a franchise quarterback in the first round next April, and what if Sndyer might ask the head coach to address any perceived shortcomings of his son, offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan?

All I'm saying is at least keep an eye on Washington for the surprise factor. An 11-21 record in two seasons, combined with the quarterback issues and the Donovan McNabb and Albert Haynesworth fiascos of 2010, shouldn't make the Shanahans too comfortable as we wind our way through the early days of firing season."

EEK! The last thing we need is another coaching shuffle!

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