A Case for Rex in 2012, Sorta...

I've heard this comment, or some form of it, a LOT lately...

"I refuse to sit through one more year of Rex"

Now, I agree that the Redskins should draft a rookie QB in the upcoming draft. However, I'm also one who believes you don't dump a rookie QB in there from day 1 and anoint them the starter. Especially in the case of the Kyle Shanahan offense, which apparently requires a little bit of study and knowledge of the intracies before one can step out on the field and run it effectively.

One thing we have learned recently...Rex Grossman knows this offense. If he is, as some put it, a "decent back-up at best", why not let him transition into the role as our "decent back-up" next season, while we groom the future franchise QB (whomever it is). A lot of hell is raised about "Bad Rex", but let's compare Rex's good vs. bad games, and see which exactly we have seen more of...

I can name a few "good Rex" games off the top of my head. The Giants, Cardinals, Seahawks, and both Cowboys games were decent-to-good games by Rex. In those 5 starts, his stat line is as follows...

119-187, 63.6% comp., 1,452 yards, 9 td, 6 int, 90.1 rating, 3 wins, 2 losses. Avg 22.6 ppg

Mind you, special teams and field goals killed us in those two losses...both to the Cowboys. Many blasted Rex for going all "shoulda, woulda, coulda" about the two Cowboys games, but we have to face the fact that he does make a point about how close the Skins could be to being 6-5 instead of 4-7, and that is including the Beck debacle. However, we did lose those games, and in the end that is all that matters as far as wins and losses go. If you look at both of those losses to the Cowboys, note how Rex and Tony Romo are almost DEAD EVEN statistically, though most on this site hate Romo but would put him above Rex any day of the week in terms of who is better.

There are three games one could say were "bad Rex" games, though the Rams game were more notable for "bad Rex" moments, not for the entire performance, but the Eagles game was horrendous and the Dolphins game wasn't a shining moment, either. Here are his stats in those three games, just for comparison...

45-83, 54.2% comp., 501 yards, 1 td, 8 int, 36.8 rating, 1 win, 2 losses. Avg 13 ppg.

Nonetheless, Rex has proven that with the line holding it's end, and the running game at least mildly effective, he can run this offense decently, even "pretty well" at times. This is why I'd rather the Redskins hold on to Grossman for two more years. The first of those two to be the stopgap while we get the next man ready, the second of those two to be a backup who knows the system in case our future franchise goes down. So in a sense, I'm advocating we keep Rex Grossman as our starter through at least the beginning of the 2012 season.

I know I'll catch a lot of heat on this, but I think Rex catches just a little bit more flak than what he deserves when it comes to the failures of this offense. Some say we fall back in love with Rex because of how bad Beck had been...but realistically, if you look at the numbers and the W-L record, so far "Good Rex" has shown up more than "Bad Rex", objectively speaking.

Let the roasting of me begin...

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