Why We Should Be Excited About Next Season

This post is dedicated to all my fellow inmates of Redskins hope...that maybe, just maybe next year we will be set free. Like Boston, we need more than a feeling, so here are my 10 reasons for optimism about the 2012 season:

1.Like Tiller said, our O-line is getting better. The proof has been less sacks, and more run productivity. This is how Shannahan made nobody running backs into somebody's, a good O-line. Adding more depth in the off-season will only improve the O-line.

2. Coaching continuity. Everyone knows it takes a while to implement your plans, learn systems and get the personnel you want. It takes time to change a culture of losing into a world of winning. There are exceptions of course, for example it may take 3 years to find out a coach just sucks (Rams). Yet Shanny has a proven track record of winning and he is beginning to turn the ship.

3. Last years draft and Free Agency was B plus and has already netted results. Extreme fans were keenly aware of the poor shape we were in heading into last years draft, we have to give them an B+ for getting us more draft picks. We got younger, talented and smarter. We got rid of the hot shots and added the no names.

4. We are getting Andrew Luck. If of course the Rams pick first. Yes, I know, it will cost us some picks, but maybe not as many as people think since we will be right up there already.

5. The offense is playing good, even with Rex. This is the perfect setting for a new young QB. Imagine if this was the Skins team of a few years back when we couldn't even get in the end zone and we asked a young QB to be our savior.

6. Jenkins his healing ahead of schedule. His presence with the addition of depth in the secondary will be tremendous for a defense that already ranks higher than half the league.

7. We should be excited about next season, because it helps the hurt of this season. Dang it, why didn't we stick with Grossman? It probably wouldn't have mattered.

8. The Danny Smith Era will be over. The rumors that some changes will be made with coaching personnel is not unfounded. We know Kyle is safe. Jim Haslett did good with the personnel he had, he is safe. Danny has always been mediocre, its time for a change.

9. Compared to two years ago, we are in much better shape. Two years ago, we needed an overhaul, we needed a culture change, heart surgery. Now, we just need some holes filled here and there. Most importantly, a QB. In my opinion, had we had a QB this year we would be in the playoffs. We are ready.

10. A new and improved attitude and depth at running back. In years past we read about Clinton Portis new costume, or Haynesworths dissapointments. But this year, Evan Royster, who was cut earlier in the season, put on the practice squad, kept working hard and had a 100 yard day. There seems to be humility among the players and a hard work ethic. The superstar mentality has gone with the past and a new dawn has come with the youth; Helu, Royster and don't forget Hightower; better backs, better attitude.

Happy New Year...Happy Hope

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