Agent C's "Holy Crap He's Crazy" Redskins Mock Draft #1

Let's say that the absolute worst-case scenario happens and RGIII and Landry Jones both go back to college for another year. The Redskins will be in a bit of a bind. They need a QB of the future now. However, I have some reasoning for the insane thoughts I am putting out there...

Round 1 - Justin Blackmon, WR, Oklahoma State. Frankly, the Skins are most likely picking somewhere between 5th and 7th. The only way a 1st round QB is available is if both RGIII and Landry Jones both go pro, and it doesn't appear that this is going to happen. No matter who is QB next season, a game-breaking WR is going to be necessary for this offense to be more consistent and threatening to opposing defenses. With Gaffney/Hankerson filling the possession role opposite Blackmon, and Moss in the slot, you suddenly have a dangerous 3-wide set.

Round 2 - Chase Minnifield, CB, Virginia. I think he'll fall to us here. He's projected early 2nd round, which is where we pick. Minnifield has solid size, the pedigree (his father was 4-time all-pro corner Frank Minnifield, who was on the NFL's all-80's team), and seems to be a player of top-notch character, as well. We need another corner, and I think this guy will be it.

Round 3 - Mike Brewster, C, Ohio State. Probably the best center for the ZBS in this draft. May be a little undersized (I've seen his weight as low as 295), but that gives him a good bit of quickness, which helps in the Shanahan offensive scheme. A bit tall at 6'5", but gets very low for his size. He could compete with Monty for the starting job. This also allows some flexibility with Monty being able to back up both C and G positions.

Round 4 - Kellen Moore, QB, Boise State. So help me, I think this guy may be the real deal. If you don't have a franchise QB in the draft, here's how you do this. Go out and get Matt Flynn, then hedge your bets with a steal of Kellen Moore in the early 4th round. Even if Flynn turns out to be the real deal, you have a quality back-up in Moore. If Flynn stinks, Moore could come in and do well. Unlike Colt Brennan (whom Moore is often compared to), Kellen Moore seems better suited to the pro game, at least with my eye. I know a lot of people will pelt me with garbage for this suggestion, but I'm starting to warm up to the idea of Kellen Moore as a very effective NFL starter in a couple of years. BTW, if Moore jumps up draft boards...Chandler Harnish might still be here, and would be my Plan B for this pick.

Round 4 - Duke Ihenacho, SS, San Jose State. Maybe LeRon Landry will be back, maybe he won't. Maybe DeJon Gomes will turn out to be a stud at one of the safety positions, maybe he won't. We have a lot of ifs that could turn out well for us, but we need an insurance policy at SS, and Ihenacho could be a decent pick for an uncertain position.

Round 5 - Keenan Robinson, ILB, Texas. One of those mid-to-late round grabs that could be a good one for us. London Fletcher has a couple of years left, which would be enough time for this pick to blossom next to the active hell-raiser that Perry Riley is becoming. Robinson was once projected as a 1st round pick in the 2012 draft (back in May by professional dart-thrower Todd McShay), but still should be a reasonable enough pick for the Redskins to invest in.

Round 6 - George Bryan, TE, NC State. Look, either Fred Davis or Chris Cooley is going to be gone next year, and I am thinking Davis might be it. Cooley will still be able to get it done, and Logan Paulsen seems to be a worthy backup if he continues to improve his blocking, but Bryan will be an excellent fit for those jumbo packages and two-TE running sets with his 6'5", 270 lb body crashing into linebackers.

Round 7 - Trevor Olsen, T, Northern Illinois. Part of the reason why Chandler Harnish has looked so good is Olsen's blocking. A bit of a pro project, yes, but with Willie Smith emerging and hopefully Trent Williams back in 2012 with his head on straight, the Redskins can afford to get a project like Olsen who is about as solid as you can get with a 7th round pick.

Yes, I know there are a lot of variables that come with my reasoning (especially at QB), but I would like to think that if the worst-case scenario comes around by draft day, this wouldn't be a bad haul at all.

Go ahead, rip it apart or praise it...if nothing else, I've given the sharks something to feast upon :)

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