Our Offensive Line will be............uh, Good Next Year

Yeah right. What are you smoking Tiller? Did you forget your Lexapro again? Dude, stop with the Crown Royal!

I'm not kidding though. Our line will be a strength of the offense next year, and I'm not even counting any additions we may add in Free Agency or the Draft.

Trent Williams will finally become the true pro bowl calibur we all hoped for when we drafted him 4th overall in 2010. The guy has some of the best feet in the NFL, and a mean streak to go with it. We are being too hard on him so far in his career. He's done a good job, and is only going to get better.

Kory Licht - I know some of you did not believe in the Licht hype prior to the 2011 season, but he proved early and often that he was our most consistant O-Linemen. He excells in a ZBS scheme, and his growth in our system was recognizable in his second year in DC. He will come back from the knee injury, and he will be a key cog in the line in 2012.

Will Montgomery - Monty is sure as hell a better center than he was a guard. He seems more natural at the position, and a full offseason in the S&C program will do him a world of good.

Mo Hurt - What a surprise this rookie turned out to be. He played better each and every game, and although he was far from perfect, he was consistant enough to be in the mix for a starting guard spot in 2012. He needs to lose a little bit of the baby fat, but once he does, watch out.

Willie Smith - I championed for the skins to sign Free Willie as soon as he hit free agency after the draft. He was the one guy I was most excited to see as a rookie, and thankfully, due to some unfortunate injuries, we were able to see him perform. Was he Does he have potential...................hell yes. He could lock down a starting spot at right tackle in 2012 with a good offseason in the weight room, and in mini-camps and the preseason.

Chris Chester - Chester seemed to get more and more comfortable as the season went on. He showed good movement for a guy his size. I think he needs to work on his upper-body strength, and staying lower in his stance, but he has the ability to be a key player for this unit in 2012.

I think we may use free agency to add one key piece to this line for next season. If we do so, we need to use the draft for some depth, and developmental players. Picks in the 3rd and 4th rounds should be used to address some of the depth issues, at both center and tackle. Who knows, maybe we can even find an eventual starter from these rounds.

This leads me to my last point: The skill positions, QB and WR, need to be addressed with the first two picks; no excuses! There is pleanty of talent there for the taking, and the Redskins need to be as greedy as they can.

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