How a Rams Loss, and Colts Win Could Benefit the Redskins

There is a new rumor swirling around the NFL(not that this should be a surprise), that the Chargers organization may be cleaning house, starting with GM A.J. Smith, and filtering down through the coaching staff. Why should Redskins fans care? Here is why.

The rumor has it that Jon Gruden is interested in coming back to coach in 2012, and has already told ESPN, his current employer, who he just signed a contract extension with, of his intentions. Gruden has become tied to the Rams coaching job(if it actually becomes vacant), and here is why.

It is rumored that if A.J. Smith is let go, the Rams would be interested in bringing him in as the new GM. This would also signify the firing of current Rams head coach Steve Spagnuolo, who has a three year record of 10-37 with one game remaining in the 2011 season. Smith has become good friends with Jon Gruden, and it is likely that Smith could convince Gruden to take over the head coaching duties in St. Louis. The Rams have a young QB, a ton of cap space, and could very well hold the number one overall pick in the 2012 NFL Draft; all of which Gruden would covet.

So how does this effect the Redskins?

First, we need the Rams to obtain the first pick in next years draft. They can do so by losing thier last game of the season, a division match with San Francisco, coupled with a Colts win over Jacksonville. Both have a very good chance of happening. The 49ers need a win to secure a first round bye in the playoffs, and the Colts and Jags are equally as bad, so that game can go either way.

If this were to happen, and the Rams were holding the first overall pick, things could become very interesting.

From a Redskins perspective, if A.J. Smith were to be hired as the GM of the Rams, we would immediately have some strong ties to that orginization. Bruce Allen and Smith are very good friends. So good, that they could work out a behind-the-scenes deal for either the first pick of the draft(Andrew Luck), or Sam Bradford. I would imagine that Smith would want to add some picks for the Rams to use to build around Bradford, and trading away the first pick, and moving back no more than 7 spots in the draft, could be a big step in doing so.

Now, if Gruden were brought in as a head coach, he has made it known how special a talent he feels Sam Bradford is, so I would guess he would be in favor of trading away the first pick, and keeping Bradford as his quarterback. The pick in the first could go towards a wide reciever(or they could go that route in free agency) or a corner back. If the Redskins are picking as high as fourth, and a trade was made with the Rams, Justin Blackmon could be an option, or they may look to LSU's Morris Claiborne to add much needed help to their secondary. The two seconds they would have could be use to bolster the offensive and defensive lines.

This trade would land the Redskins Andrew Luck, or Sam Bradford. Either would be a huge addition for the Redskins, and could instantly make us competitive.

So say a little prayer, and root your Skins tails off for an Indy win and a Rams loss, and hope that the Chargers part ways with their GM. May Luck be on our side!

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