LaRon Landry: He-Man?

I wasn't shocked to find out LaRon Landry's name had been attached to the injured reserve list. LaRon has been plagued with injuries that past two seasons, and hasn't completed a full 16 game season in either. It leads me to wonder whether some of his injuries could possibly be avoided. While searching around for some info on LaRon's workout routine, I came across an interesting article. Here's an excerpt:

Landry trains around the clock…literally. When the Redskins were scheduled to play the Packers on a Sunday afternoon game, he was found working out in his hotel room 13 hours before kickoff.

It might just be me, but I am pretty sure there are some issues with that. Working out too much increases oxidation of the cellular DNA and RNA, which actually accelerates aging. The basic principle of working out is the tear and re-healing of muscles. LaRon could very well be accelerating himself right into an old-folks home. LaRon missed most of the shortened training camp along with the first two games of the season with an achilles injury. He also sat out week 11 against the Cowboys with achilles soreness. In games he has played, LaRon has averaged 5 tackles per.

Now, don't get me wrong by all of this. My very first Redskins jersey was a LaRon Landry authentic. I enjoy watching him play the way he does. Cocky and all-out. What I am NOT a fan of, is the mentality that he is playing for himself. He is a playmaker when he is on the field, but he can't make plays unless he is... on the field.

"I just do what I do," Landry said. "That makes me feel pumped for the game. It makes me feel swole, you know what I mean, so I go into the game feeling like He-Man."

Free Agency is getting closer and closer if LaRon isn't able to stay healthy. He might want to dial it down a little. Even if the Redskins decide not to re-sign Landry in the offseason, he will still find a home. But he will find a home for a far lesser salary than he'll want.

It would be like giving a half-rotten tomato to a blind person and telling them to bite it. You might get the delicious side, you might not. I would take a smaller, ripe tomato sans a half-rotten one any day, even IF the good side is soooo delicious. (That was borderline non-hetero)

Do you guys think LaRon's heavy workout routine could be slowing him down? Even hurting his ability to stay healthy?

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