The Draft: More than One Scenario

With the win over the Giants, a few things happened. The Cowboys took over the lead in the NFC East, and the Redskins draft pick dropped to somewhere around 8th.

So what?

Let me explain before you go all "mmmmeeeeehhhh we need a quarterback right meow!" on me.

Yes we will need a quarterback eventually in order to become a contender, but do you bring in a stallion with nowhere to gallop?

Offensive weapons, one area that is lacking on the Redskins squad that is often overlooked by fans. Most of RedskinsNation only sees the quarterback, and rightfully so. He is the face of the offense, and in most cases the team (When I think of the Patriots, I think of Tom Brady’s brown locks of flowing hair). But take a good long look at our receivers. Find anything? I did. We have a loose collective of average receivers and none of which contain the stature, nor ability to represent a deep threat. Santana is GREAT, don’t get me wrong. But he’s also a GREAT slot receiver, not an endzone fade guy, not to mention he’s getting old. Leonard Hankerson could have been our guy, but he went down early in the season. What are the chances he comes back 100%?

The offensive line, another area that needs crucial work. Trent Williams basically has the left tackle spot on lock-down (unless he keeps smoking and joking, which will end up giving him the boot). But even when he is able to play, he is relatively injury-prone, and having a solid backup is something that the Redskins may, or may not have. We don’t know. The reason we don’t know, is that NOBODY has been given a static chance to fill in. Redskins linemen are dropping like flies, and the Shanahans are struggling to keep it filled, especially OT's. The 'Skins are very shallow in the Tackle position.

Defensive backs, a huge area that needs work. I hear you, I hear you. We’ve got LaRon. LaRon "Dirty" Laun..Landry. When was the last time he finished out a season? Two years ago. The Redskins have an excellent LB Corps in Perry Riley, Brian Orakpo, Ryan Kerrigan, and the coveted London Fletcher (who’s contract is up this year… he better be back). But what we don’t have are playmakers at d-back. And Dirty Laundry's contract is also up. Do you sign him for another 1 year contract? Nope.

"brrrrrrr what about DeAngelo Hall?"

Save for the occasional pick, DeAngelo Hall doesn’t do much other than run his mouth and proclaim that it’s ‘his’ defense.

The way I see it, there are two scenarios that I would be happy with in the 2012 draft:

The QB ‘Option’:

In this scenario, the Redskins find a way to move up the draft order and pull in a high 1st round Quarterback. In doing this the Redskins will likely have to trade up, a lot. Which means sacrificing a lot of picks. You can check out The Burgundy Warpath picks for QB here. Mine, personally, is RGIII.

The WR ‘Route’:

Basically, this could be done more than one way. The Redskins could use their #1 pick to draft a playmaker like WR Justin Blackmon, Michael Floyd, or Alshon Jefferey and then use a 2nd or 3rd round pick to grab a QB (Don’t tell me you can’t find talent: Brady was drafted in the 6th round). Or you could use basically all of your picks to fill those slots in crucial areas. Areas that will allow a rookie QB to thrive in the NFL.

To be honest, I’m more inclined to go for the 2nd choice of the WR Route. Without a stout offensive line, your rookie is going to be all over the place. Without a good set of WR’s to catch his inevitable bad throws, he will e relatively ineffective. If Cam Newton didn’t have Steve Smith, he wouldn’t have a season in my eye (Aside from the rushing aspect. The kid can flat out run)

To be honest, after reading this over, I really do like the second option. I absolutely LOVE RGIII and I would hate to play against him, but I don’t think putting a QB in this offense is going to fix everything. I would rather bring in a good QB next year after some holes are filled so he has a complete package to play in. A "whole" team that he can thrive in. I think that option gives us the best chances as a franchise and not just a single season win.


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