No Need to Panic; Redskins Will Get Their QB

Let's take a realistic look at the QB situation around the NFL, as it pertains to the 2012 NFL draft, as people around here have gone into panic mode with the recent good play by the Redskins, and a fear of us falling out of contention for one of the top QB prospects

As I see it now, there are 4 teams who NEED a QB in 2012, and who will likely use the draft to aquire one: Colts, Dolphins, Redskins and Seahawks. Of these 4 teams, the Dolphins are the one team I'm concerned jumping ahead of us in the draft for a signal caller. If we both finish the season with the same records, we hold the tie breaker, so we would be picking ahead of them. The Seahawks are already going to be selecting behind us, no matter what happens in the remaining two games, so they would have to trade up, to jump us in draft position. The Colts are, unless they wif out, and the Rams and Vikings loosing out, going to be selecting #1, and baring a trade, will most likely select Andrew Luck, to eventually replace Peyton Manning. So, that leaves the possibility of RG3, Barkley and Jones being avaliable(If they all decide to enter early). We are going to be fighting the Dolphins for one of these 3.

There has been a lot of speculation about other teams in front of us taking a QB, but let's address these teams, and we'll see why it's not going to happen:

Rams - Some have suggested that they could go QB because of the struggles Sam Bradford has had this season, but this will not be the case. Sam Badford is an excellent QB, and they will not give up on him after two seasons. He needs help, plain and simple, in the form of wide recievers, and offensive linemen, so they will go one of two ways: Kalil, or Blackmon.

Vikings - They just used a high pick on Ponder, and he has taken over the starting spot. Although I'm not a fan of Ponder's, The team will not give up on him after just one season. He too needs help, so just like the Rams, expect them to go with either Kalil or Blackmon.

Browns - There are rumors floating around that the Browns may bee looking at a QB in the 2012 NFL draft, but the only way I see that happening, is if they fall in love with Luck, and move into the top spot to draft him. This team has too many holes to fill, and they have a competent QB in McCoy who can get the job done, if he has some help around him. WR makes sense for the Browns, but if their guy is not there, they could trade back, and recoup even more picks to plug in all the leaks. This is a team either prime for a trade up, or trade back. Moving back a few spots in the first could get them Jefferies, and a 2nd.

Bucs - They like Josh Freeman. No way do they give up on the young QB because of one bad season. The team has some problems on offense, and Freeman is not one of them.

Jags - Yeah things have been rough with Gabbert, and yes the team will have a new HC, and has a new owner as well, but you don't trade up for a player in the top 10, and give him just one year. Hse will be given time to develop under the next HC, so don't expect a QB being drafted.

Panthers - Cam Newton. Nothing more needs to be said.

Bills - They gave Fitz a nice extension this season, and they believe in him and his ability to lead this team. They do not want to have to start from scratch, especially considering that there are many other areas on this team that need help(o-line being one of them).

The other teams that could possibly be interested in a QB:

Cardinals - can't see it happening, especially considering how much they gave up to get Kolb. They would also need to trade up to jump us.

Chiefs - with a new coaching staff, you never know. Unless they loose out, and we win out, they would need to trade up to jump us in draft order. Cassel is a good QB when healthy, and you never know what they might try to work out to keep Orton.

Eagles - I don't think they would draft a QB in 2012, but you never know. Reid could be gone after this melt-down, and the new HC could want to move away from Vick; but I doubt it.

Broncos - At the beginning of the season, I would have said yes, but now seeing what Tebow is doing, and the backlash that drafting another QB would cause from the fans, city and media, I don't think is a possibility.

That's it folks. The other teams in the NFL are either set, or have a young guy waiting to take over at QB.

We will be drafting in the top 12, and barring any trade up, there is one(Dolphins), possible two at most(Browns) teams, that could be picking ahead of us, who may target one of the remaining 3 QB's(after Luck). We are fine to sit tight, and get a very good prospect, whether it be Barkley, RG3 or Jones.

So here it is in a nutshell: Two teams, Redskins and Dolphins, fighting it out for the right to draft Barkley, RG3 or Jones. For one of these team, the consolation prize isn't that bad.

But, with Shanny at the helm, don't be the least bit surprised if we move up for Luck ; )P

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