Daily Slop: Santonio Holmes Responds To DHall's Sanchez Criticism


Behind Enemy Lines: New York Jets Edition | NBC Washington
"[DHall] has made a lot of plays. He's been to the Pro Bowl. He's done everything he has to do. He doesn't play quarterback. He doesn't know how receivers run routes. My comment to that is he made what he made, but we know who our quarterback is." – Jets receiver Santonio Holmes responding to Redskins’ DeAngelo Hall’s criticism of Mark Sanchez.

Three to Focus on: Jets @ Redskins, Week 13 | ProFootballFocus.com
Fred Davis vs. Eric Smith: Most of you remember Jets’ Safety Eric Smith for losing contain on Tim Tebow’s game-winning TD run in Denver, but Jets’ fans no doubt also know Smith as a liability in coverage. Ranked as our 10th-worst safety in coverage (-5.9), Smith has mostly been burned by tight ends.

Starting time has come for Redskins' young guys | WaExaminer
In Riley's case, the coaches have consistently pointed to the lack of offseason workouts as a reason for him probably not starting sooner. Indeed, they did not re-sign last year's starter, Rocky McIntosh, until a couple days after training camp had started -- after they had seen where Riley was in his development.

Santana Moss on Rex Grossman - DC Sports Bog - WaPost
Redskins veteran receiver leaves no doubt who the team’s best quarterback is.

The Redskins Blog | Hall Talks Cowboys, Jets And Rex Ryan
DHall: "I never said go out and cut me. I grew up in Washington, played college ball in the Virginia area, and this is the place I always wanted to be. This is a dream job for me and there’s no other place I’d rather be."

Jim Haslett feeling good about his front seven - The Insider
"Like last week, watching the film, I was proud of the guys because you watch 67 snaps, 57, 58 of the snaps, there are eight guys in the frame -- guys diving on piles," Haslett said. "It’s not exactly perfect in everything that we did, but it was unbelievable effort. If you get that effort every time and you do the right things, you’re going to have a heck of a football team."

USC Trojans quarterback Matt Barkley takes step of filing paperwork with NFL - ESPN Los Angeles
USC Trojans junior quarterback Matt Barkley has submitted paperwork to the NFL draft advisory board seeking its input on where he could be selected in next April's draft.

Kyle Shanahan relieved by Redskins’ offensive outburst - The Insider
"We haven’t [scored on the opening drive] all year and, to be able to go down and do it, make a couple of third downs and make a couple big plays and finish it with a touchdown – that definitely takes some pressure off. It definitely makes it a lot easier."

The Redskins Blog | How Neild Nearly Forgot His 24th Birthday

Young, Bowen, Landry miss practice again - The Insider - The Washington Post
LaRon Landry was among those who sat out practice at Redskins Park Thursday.

Ryan Kerrigan receives a half-sack, now leads team - The Insider
Kerrigan, Washington’s first-round draft pick out of Purdue, now has a team-high 6.5 sacks. Orakpo has six, and Bowen has 4.5. Kerrigan’s 6.5 sacks ank third among NFL rookies. Denver’s Von Miller leads the league’s rookies with 10.5 sacks, and San Francisco’s Aldon Smith has 7.5.

Fred Davis pleased with his improved blocking prowess - The Insider - The Washington Post
Fred Davis appeared on his way to having a monster game on Sunday, recording three catches for 53 yards and a touchdown on the Washington Redskins’ game-opening scoring drive against the Seattle Seahawks. But from that point on, the tight end had only one more catch for five yards.

HomerMcFanboy " when it comes to swagger, in rex they trust
"Even when he does struggle, he comes out there with confidence and he doesn’t look in the past," said offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan of Grossman. "He plays one play at a time and he’s a guy who you believe in for that reason. That’s why the guys follow him."

His greatness just a memory, it's time for McNabb to retire and do TV - NFL - CBSSports.com Football
Mike Freeman: "The problem is McNabb was supposed to be the solution in Washington. Now, the Redskins are run by goofs, so he gets a mulligan there." (Huh?)

NFL Players & Autocorrect | Fatpickled
Fun with NFL players last names and cell phone auto-correct.

Helu Talks First Career Touchdown | NBC Washington
"On that play, he didn’t get no blocking," Trent Williams told the Post. "The guy he hurdled, I was supposed to get him, but I got chipped by [tight end] Fred [Davis] and [Helu] jumped smooth over him and he’s got the speed to take it to the house."

Ex-Dolphins Player Arrested, Charged for Allegedly Punching Friend | NBC Washington
David Boston allegedly attacked his friend when she refused to drive him home because she had been drinking.

Peyton Manning's doctor says fusion has healed firmly - ESPN
Peyton Manning's injured neck is healthy enough for more work. He's just not ready to start taking hits.

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