The Philadelphia Nightmares

I want to greet everyone with a Good Morning after a Thursday Night NFL showdown which saw the Philadelphia Eagles get smashed by the Seattle Seahawks, 31-14. I know it is childish and immature to revel in the misfortunes of others, but I just can't help myself when it comes to the Eagles: The Dream Team, this year's off-season Super Bowl champs, who had finally added the pieces necessary to make them an unstoppable force in the regular season and a juggernaut in the playoffs...


Now the Eagles sit at 4-8, their playoff dreams all but mathematically eliminated, their fan-base angry, their coach on the hot seat, and their franchise disillusioned. Maybe it's poor sportsmanship, but I think this is a day when we can all celebrate a bit about the following points:

1. The Redskins assembled the original Fantasy Football team ten years ago, only to generate Zero team chemistry and translate very little of the team's vast talent into victories. This season, the Eagles re-signed Vick to throw to DJax and Maclin and hand off to Shady. They brought in Asomugha, Cullen Jenkins, Vince Young to round out their star-studded lineup. It would have killed Redskins fans to watch Philadelphia steal Snyder's secret formula and turn it into a Super Bowl Championship. It is very satisfying today to see the Eagles achieve the same level of success that we did by assembling an All-Star team: None.

2. The Eagles have locked themselves into massive FA signings. No, they didn't quite make an Albert Haynesworth-type splash; however with Nnamdi (5 years, $60 mil) and Vick (6 years, $40 mil guaranteed), the Eagles have signed at least two players to massive contracts who have not helped take them over the top. Nnamdi looks to be regressing (or at least human), and Vick can't stay healthy and looks like he may never achieve a level of success which matches his athletic ability.

3. Andy Reid is on the hot seat, and will likely be fired after the season. While it is true that he's never been able to take the Eagles to the promised land, Reid is recognized as a brilliant offensive mind and one of the best evaluators of talent in the NFL. Reid has led the Eagles to dominate the NFC East over the past decade, and no clear coaching upgrade seems to be available; however, Philadelphia seems ready to part ways with one of the best coaches in the game simply in the name of Change.

4. The team in Philly seems to be a an ensemble of disgruntled, over-paid players with little heart and fire. DeSean Jackson, Vick, Young, Nnamdi.....We've said this about Redskins teams in the past, and it feels good to see a division rival suffering from the same sort of malady.

In short, the team that has dominated our division for 10+ years looks to be crumbling before our very eyes during a season in which their talent was poised to trump every opponent en route to a SB Championship. Every year that the Eagles don't get "there" puts a smile on my face, but it adds a little something extra to see The Dream Team fade away and experience a few nightmares.

It almost makes up for the Monday Night Massacre....almost.


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