An Ugly "What If" Scenerio

We all know the Redskins need a QB in the 2012 NFL Draft. Our poor record indicates we may have a top 10 draft pick, and speculation is that we could have three possible QB's to choose from come draft day.

But what if these three Juniors all decide to return for their Senior season at their respective schools?

Below are some pro's and con's for each QB returning to college.

Matt Barkley:

Pro's - USC is loaded next year with returning talent, and they will have their bowl ban lifted, which means they could be in a National Championship hunt in 2012. Barkley has developed greatly over the course of the 2011 season, and he may feel, that with a strong team surrounding him, that he could take his talents to another level, and help this team win a NC.

Con's - How much better can Barkley really become under Lane Kiffen? He has improved more than any college QB from the previous year, and he runs a system at USC that is similar to many pro offenses. He is projected to be a top 10 pick, and he will come in with a deeper knowledge of an NFL offense, that most rookies we have seen in the past 5 years.

Landry Jones:

Pro's - Jones regressed a bit this season after loosing his best receiver to injury. Although he still put up good numbers, and has all the skills, he may consider returning to Oklahoma, who has a young offensive line, and a young talented defense, and are sure to improve in 2012. Right now, he may be outside the top ten, but another year in Norman could solidify him as a top 5 pick.

Con's - Jones had a tremendous sophomore season, which would be tough for any QB to follow. He put up nice numbers again in 2011, with over 4000 yards, and 28TD's. He has shown all the needed skills to make NFL scouts and GM's salivate. The question for me is, would Jones really benefit from another year at Oklahoma, or would he be better under the guidance and instruction of an NFL coach, in a true pro-style offense? I tend to go with the second option.


Pro's - What more can you say about RG3. He has put together an amazing season, and just may cap it off with a Heisman trophy, but rumors have made their rounds that he has two other interests besides football: The olympics, and starting his Law degree. Baylor has one of the best training programs in the country for track, so if RG3 returned, he could work towards his goal of making the Olympic team in London. He would also like to get a year of law school under his belt, and staying at Baylor could help him accomplish this.

Con's - A record setting performance on the gridiron, a possible Heisman trophy, and the chance to be taken in the top 15, could be too much to pass on. He has already taken Baylor to heights they rarely see, and adding a Heisman, and a bowl victory to this season could be on the horizon. He could leave Baylor a legend, or he could return, and risk regression, a worse team, and possible injury.

So what if all three of the QB's mentioned above shun the NFL and decide to return to school. That could leave Andrew Luck, and a bunch of 2nd round prospects as the 2012 QB options. What would/should the Redskins do, if this unlikely scenerio were to happen?

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