Cut Beck and Promote Jonathan Crompton from PS?

I believe that everyone is absolutely clear that John Beck is NOT an NFL caliber QB in any way shape or form. I think we would all agree too that we know what Rex is and isn't capable of. Arguments of winning out and rooting for loses aside, what do folks think about the idea of promoting Crompton from the practice squad for the final game or two (most likely just the last one) in order o see what the kid has with regards to real time NFL action? FACT: He can't possibly do any worse than Beck.

Partial Analysis from CBS Sports Draft Profile (

Accuracy: Made significant improvements in this area as a senior, but remains highly inconsistent. Threw accurately to all levels at times as a senior, but struggled mightily with accuracy throughout his early career, including as a junior. Good timing and accuracy to hit the receiver in stride on the slant, dig and deep crossing routes. Good touch to place the ball between the linebacker and safety down the seam or on wheel routes. Good touch and accuracy for the dump-off routes to the back, allowing them to make the catch easily and head upfield.

Arm Strength: Strong arm. Can make every NFL throw without extending his windup. Puts enough zip on his underneath throws to fit through the tight winds of an NFL defense, including placing the deep out from the opposite hash. Good trajectory on the deep ball. Ball comes down at an angle that is easy to track and catch, but doesn't hang in the air. If he struggles in the NFL, it won't be due to a lack of arm strength.

Setup/Release: Efficient drop back from center and set up. Sells the play-action. Throws with good balance and steps into his passes. Compact windup and a quick release doesn't allow defenders much time to react. The ball comes out of his hand quickly and with good trajectory. Tight spirals that are easy for his receivers to track and catch.

Reading Defense: At least some of the improvement he showed as a senior came with limiting the number of reads he was asked to make. Has developed a great deal in terms of poise and reading defenses, but still locks on to his primary target early in the route. Rarely looks off the safety. Too often trusts his arm-strength and accuracy and throws the ball into coverage. Became more willing to throw the ball away as the year went on. Good poise in the pocket. Willing to step up in the pocket and take the hit to complete the throw.

On the Move: Among his most impressive traits. Good balance on the rollout. Keeps his eyes downfield and has the arm strength and accuracy to attack in the short and intermediate levels. Squares his shoulders and fires the ball with good trajectory and accuracy. Will occasionally throw back across his body, but has enough zip to fit balls in tight windows. Not a true threat as a scrambler, but can buy time and escape the pocket when necessary. Good size and strength for the quarterback sneak.

Intangibles (On/off field leadership, competitive fire, work habits, off-field issues, intelligence, ability to play through pain)

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