I Believe I'm Suffering From Foot-in-Mouth Disease: A History

Hi everyone. A few weeks ago, I wrote this post. I was pretty confident about what I was writing, and who I was insulting. I'm reading it again, and I realized that I have to backpedal a bit. This team is in a lot more trouble than I originally postulated. I guess at the time the post sounded logical. If the Redskins were injury-free--a very optimistic thought in the NFL--then I suppose I wouldn't have reason to take back most, if not all, of the arguments.

But maybe I'm not so wrong after all. Did I have high hopes after a 3-1 start? Sure, and don't deny it, a lot of Hogs Haven did. I know there were people who saw our early success as a facade, and I saw that, too. In this post, I'm going to recount my life as a fan of the Washington Redskins. They have disappointed me time and time again, and this is coming from a teenager who's never seen a 'Skins Superbowl win.

Small disclaimer: I apologize if I ramble, rant, or sound crazier than a fucking looney tune. Also, I have a tendency to beat the dead horse. My therapist says it has to do with my behavioral problems. Did I just reveal too much? See, crazy!


I was born in 1994. My dad was a casual fan, but his real passion was for baseball. My mom is blind, and therefore completely uninterested in sports. My brother is two and a half years older than me, but he was the kind of boy who could only throw a football one inch and straight into the ground. Many worms were harmed in my backyard. As were footballs, of course, because my dad keeps an extravagant cactus garden. And now you know why I'm crazy.

So, I wasn't really exposed to football for a significant part of my childhood, let alone Redskins football. Perhaps this can be explained by our relocation to DC from the suburbs of Philadelphia in 2000--although my parents had lived in DC before. And that's when I started liking football. I remember Philadelphia well, and though the Eagles are a pretty big deal, my perception is that Philly is more baseball crazy than football crazy. Maybe that's changed, and keep in mind, I was looking through the eyes of an six-year-old (and younger).

But how did I become a Redskins fan? It's simple. My family befriended our next door neighbors soon after we moved in. They had a boy who was my age, and soon, we were inseparable. He was a huge Redskins fan. And, this is about to sound really vain, I had a crush on him and followed the Redskins to impress him. For a while, I wasn't really a fan, but I watched games with him just so I could hang out.

Then, tragically, he moved away. And I mean far away. To Fiji. We lost touch. The Redskins were something we shared, and after we stopped speaking at all, I decided that the easiest way to be with him in spirit was to be a Redskins fan.

I guess you can look at this way: I'm a fan for all the wrong reasons. Well, you could argue that's how it started. But if I didn't care about the Redskins, even though I wanted to be with my first friend in DC, I wouldn't stick with them through thick and thin. I wouldn't keep watching loss after loss. And I wouldn't have hope.

Hope: that's why I'm a fan. Subconsciously, it could be hope for my friend to come home and watch games with me, except this time I would understand why he was throwing Chinese food at the TV. But on the surface, I have hope that my first favorite sports team will win, will succeed, and will finally make me happy instead of disappointing me.

That's my story, and I thank you for bearing with me.

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