How to improve the Redskins, Halfway through the season.

If you haven't read my previous two articles, I broke down the redskins offensive and defensive depth charts, analysing our strengths, weaknesses and areas which were in need of upgrade.


Now we're at the midway mark, here are a few adjustments could improve our team.


Its common knowledge, the Redskins have a lot of holes to fill. We started off the season in a good vein of form and despite inconsistent play from our QB managed to achieve a respectable 3-1 record.


Coming off our Bye-Week, we were poised to slaughter the 'Dream Team' who had spluttered through the first 5 games of the season. It was our chance to prove that we belonged at the new boys on the block in the NFC East.


Well... Shit hit the fan in a big way; we got trashed against the Eagles and picked up a number of key injuries, leaving our Offensive Line in disarray and our QB situation in controversy.


Our 'bounce back game' and the start of the John Beck era against the Panthers didn't go as scheduled either. Our defenses inability to shut down the Cam Newton Show was the culprit for this loss. To add salt in the wound, two further starters were lost on offense.


The game against the Bills was hard to watch, it was one of the worst displays of offensive line play I've ever witnessed (Yes, Beck held the ball too long for sometimes, but he had very little help)


And somehow from our impressive start, it looks like our season could be starting to meltdown. Here is what I believe can get our season back on track.







More After the JUMP!


Don't take a Beckwardstep;

Barring injury, John Beck should be our starting QB. Flip-flopping between him and Grossman would destroy any continuity and belief in the offense, Shanahan should live or die by his decision.






Shuffle the O-Line;

Our depth is terrible, so it leaves us few options. William Montgomery should be moved back to OC, where he is vastly better. Erik Cook should be sent back to the bench, and left there unless an emergency happens. Maurice Hurt should get a shot on the inside, Sean Locklear should be moved to RT and Willie Smith should get the go ahead at LT. I'd rather experiment and see how well our rookies play, instead of knowing that we are getting the same line who played their


part in a 10 sack outing, against a team who averaged LESS than 1 sack a game.


Get High From Our Running Game;

We have some talent in our backfield, Torain, Helu and Choice (THC) Choice was a solid pick up as our 3rd RB, I was surprised Evan Royster didn't get the promotion though.


We don't need to be anything special, just a good enough for defenses to respect it and to help open up play action.


Darrell Young has developed into a stud at FB and has shown his effectiveness as a lead blocker. With our line playing poorly, I'd like to see him paving the way more.




Use more Two TE formations;

This allows us more receiving options in the passing game, we could leave Logan Paulsen to help out an OT in Pass Protection and we could utilize the extra blockers in the run game. A couple of TE Screens to Davis? (Pleeeease!)




An Explosion of Youth;

I want to see more of our younger, more dynamic players. Niles Paul, Terrance Austin, Roy Helu, Leonard Hankerson, Dejon Gomes, Perry Riley, Chris Nield, I'm looking at you guys. The coaches need to give them opportunities to see how they perform on Sundays and if they can be building blocks for our future.





All of these guys have shown flashes, but it is hard to evaluate them with our inconsistencies at QB, OL and from limited playing time.


Sort Out Our Starter at ILB;

Bringing back Rocky McIntosh wasn't the best option. Keyaron Fox has played well in limited snaps and Perry Riley should be given a chance to prove if he belongs next to Fletcher or not and if he deserves to be the long term replacement when the Iron Man finally rusts.




 Existing Talent Needs to Ante Up;

Trent Williams, Laron Landry, Brian Orakpo, DeAngelo Hall would all be perennial pro-bowlers if they bought their A game to the field every week.


Fix our Special Teams;

Our Punt and Kick-Off teams have been playing well, no qualms here. Our Return units have been poor; Brandon Banks has Randle El fever and isn't earning his space on our roster. If it was up to me I would cut him and hand over the responsibility to Terrence Austin and Niles Paul, who were both effective at the college level.


The blocked field goals need to stop! There is a flaw in our scheme which opposing teams are exploiting our coaches need to figure it out and put a stop to it.  


Clone London Fletcher;

Seriously, this may be our best chance of winning.




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