An Ode To Schizophrenic Fandom: Kind Of Suck For Someone!

(Note, this is my first blog post here on Hogs Haven . . . I've grown up a dual Pats/Skins fan. I live in the DC area but went to high school in NE and lived most of my younger days overseas)

Why is it such a bad thing to root for your tea to lose to get a potential franchise-saving quarterback?

That is the question I constantly as myself as I listen to one talk radio host after another say you can't root for your team to lose. But let's be honest, its not like we are used to much else here in DC. I've been watching the Skins closely since 1999, when I moved back to the DC area for good. This collapse into obscurity began when the team let Brad Johnson go in exchange for Jeff George. They have never recovered from losing such a strong leader and have never replaced him.

Granted, much else has gone wrong as well.

And their drafts haven't been strong either when it comes to QB. Patrick Ramsey and Jason Campbell come to mind. And that is because QB was a decision they always felt they could put off or patch-up with veterans like George, Tony Banks, Mark Brunell, and of course Rex Grossman. Skins's QB draft picks have been lower first/early second . . . they have passed as well on some big ones, namely Aaron Rogers.

So with that, as good as it felt to beat the Seahawks, I immediately checked to see what the Dolphins, Cardinals, and Seahawks (our main competition for non-Luck QBs) stood. Because I don't want to do just enough to eek out a playoff spot but have yet to do the real building to create a sustainable winner. And to me, the bottom line is you can't have a sustainable winner without a franchise quarterback. In this draft . . . Matt Barkely, Robert Griffith III, and Landry Jones could be that guy. What else should we do for the future? Mid-round pick? A cornerback who might be good but it means nothing because we can't score more than 21 points in a game?

This isn't so much rooting for them to lose . . . wait, yes it is. I'm not going to lie or hid behind something its not. Gibbs, Zorn, and now Shanny have not been able to draft and fully mold a QB they picked for their system. Gibbs went with the vet Brunell that he liked, Zorn inherited the tentative Campbell, and Shanny tried with McNabb, Grossman, and Beck.

In a way I've been learning how to watch 'Skins games in two ways, as a schizophrenic fan. The first is a pure fan, rooting for them to win, jumping off my couch right after Helu leaped over DB for Seattle. The second is someone who is dying to finally find a quarterback that can lead this team for ten years. They have, for the last decade, bet that they can find a late-round steal like the Pats did with Brady . . . or even grab a potential superstar like Rogers in the second round. But they don't have the talent scouts that Green Bay or New England.

Indy's taking Luck . . . from there Jacksonville, Minnesota, and Carolina don't need QBs. I won't lie, I want Matt Barkley. Barkley is the superstar to me, he has everything you want in a QB and has just torn apart college football this year. But if its Landry Jones or RGIII, you can go either way. Like I said, I don't one these one-shot playoff deals then got back to scratching and clawing to be 8-8 and pat ourselves on the back.

The pieces are coming together . . . Orakpo, Kerrigan, Helu, Williams, possibly Hankerson. Its not that we can't draft, its that we can't draft quarterbacks.

I know purists out there say you can never root for your team to lose, but what if your team has already been losing since the beginning of the Clinton Administration? What if, this once, there is a guy out there you can get who can bring us back, bring ups stability, and bring us credibility. Before folks flame me out there . . . consider this:


PS - I'll be rooting hard to see the Skins put the beatdown on the Jets . . . but afterwards I'll go right back to check where we are on the draft board.

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