Daily Slop: Haslett Moving Kerrigan & Orakpo Around; Portis Files a Lawsuit


New York Jets' Mike Devito out vs. Redskins with knee sprain - ESPN 
DE Mike DeVito sprained his left knee in Sunday's 28-24 win over the Buffalo Bills. DeVito is one of the Jets top run stuffers.

The Redskins Blog | Cheerleader Monique Named Miss DC USA
Pics and video.

Redskins-Seahawks: Five observations - The Insider
On most plays, Kerrigan came from the left and Orakpo from the right, but sometimes they switched sides. Another time, Haslett sent both outside linebackers from the right side to overload the Seahawks.

Clinton Portis Files $15K Lawsuit Against Investor Who Stole His Money
You can read the circuit court formal complaint here. He made an investment and was misled on a whole lot of things.

FOOTBALL OUTSIDERS: Audibles at the Line: Week 12
A quick summary of Washington's first two drives: Play-action, bootleg, crossing pattern (usually to Fred Davis), first down, repeat. It got them a touchdown on their first drive and probably would have produced a field goal on the second drive, but a chop block knocked them back 15 yards.

New York Giants @ New Orleans Saints - Recap - November 28, 2011 - ESPN
Drew Brees accounts for 5 TDs as Saints demolish fading Giants

Redskins: What we learned | Washington Examiner
The offense is playing with confidence.

Danny Rouhier’s sports-talk radio career - DC Sports Bog - The Washington Post
Here’s how one guy went from college baseball player to professional mover to stand-up comic to sports-radio host.

Fred Davis on doubters and the Seahawks - DC Sports Bog 
"We was tired of losing, but I think that what really made us mad was that those guys thought that they were like Super Bowl champions or something. They was talking to us like we was just as worse as them, and we have almost the same record. But I guess because they came off two wins they were feeling confident, and we had to take it away."

FOOTBALL OUTSIDERS: Introducing the College QB Lewin Career Forecast v2.0
This variable could show that quarterbacks who don't keep improving as seniors aren't going to improve as professionals either. Or perhaps, it shows that certain players have flaws in their games that opponents figured out in their senior years.

In Defense Of Stevie Johnson And Ridiculous TD Celebrations - SBNation.com
Bills wide receiver Stevie Johnson celebrated a touchdown on Sunday with a dance mocking Plaxico Burress, and it sparked the latest in a long line controversies surrounding NFL players in the endzone. But why?

Jaguars fire head coach Jack Del Rio - Shutdown Corner
Jags still owe Del Rio $5 mil.

Lindsey Vonn Is Single
YES! (like I have a chance).

The Eagles should let this adorable child fire Andy Reid - Shutdown Corner - NFL Blog - Yahoo! Sports
Eagles fans love ranting on YouTube.

Video: Shane Lechler’s amazing 80-yard (on the fly) punt - Shutdown Corner

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