Opinions are like A$$holes- Everybodies got one

Over the past couple of months there have been some opinions floated on HH about our beloved Skins. Some of them make sense at times and others are just insane. I am going to compile some of these in this post and try to show everyone the path of reason. Here we go.

Opinion: The Skins should lose the rest of their games for a higher draft pick. Over our wonderful 6 game losing streak I started to wonder this myself. But then something wonderful happened; we won. It felt so good to win today that I am offically on the "I don't care what our draft number is we need to win as many games as we can" bandwagon. None of us know where we will draft, who we will draft, and what will happen in FA.

We need to live in this moment and cheer for our team. I was shocked today that there were supposed Skins "fans" that were actually bummed when we took the lead and won. Are you fucking kidding me? If you don't like it go root for another team. I recommend the Cowgirls. They are a bunch of bitches anyways. At least stay off the boards until we start winning. Come back when we make the playoffs in two years.

Opinion: We need to bring in Peyton Manning. No we don't. We need a young core to develop together. We have some good young pieces and Manning is not the leader for this team. He doesn't want to mentor a whole team. This is one of the worst ideas I've heard on HH. Simply put, NO. We have done the over-the-hill veteran before and it has led to disaster.

Opinion: We need to trade the farm for Luck No we shouldn't. For how good he is Luck is still no guarantee. If this season has shown us anything it's that we need more help along the Oline and depth at just about every other position. I want a franchise QB so bad that I can taste it, but we need to do it right. If we get one of the top QBs then pull the trigger. Hope it's Barkley or RGIII. But don't trade the farm. Try not to trade up at all. Let's see where we are at the end of the season and after a couple months of FA before we go crazy.

Opinion: Shanny needs to go. Please dear Lord no. We have had the coaching carousel for years, we need stability. This team has a direction and we need to stay the course. I propose that if at the end of the 2012 season we have not improved significantly then we burn his ass to the ground. Until then everyone screaming for his head should shut up. All of the pundits say it takes 3-4 years to implement a system and get the players for it. One of the major problems with our owner is he has had a kneejerk reaction to a bad season. Let's get past this mentality.

The players have shown over the past couple of weeks that they haven't given up on our coaches. Neither should we. When the locker room goes we should go.

Opinion: Play the young guys. Yes we should. We now know that P-Rile, Helu, Hank, Gomes, Paulsen, Young, Nield, and Hurt among others can be good for us in the future. We need to see Royster, Willie Smith, Thompson, more Paul, and Austin among others to see if they have what it takes. Let's see if we can catch a little magic and ride these youngins to the promised land.

Opinion: Cut Stabby Banks and get rid of Jamal Brown in the offseason.. I still stand by these statements and believe Banks doesn't do enough to warrant his spot. Brown is just awful.

Well these are the ones that come to mind at the moment. Feel free to post any that you think of in the comments section. That is all. HTTR.

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