Redskins SHOULD Lose (Week #12)

Now...the title of this post is mostly attention grabbing. As I stated last week, and was helped along to better clarity of my point by some of the posters who understood my underlying thought, I want the team to come out and play hard (compete their a** off) but I see long term value in losing and would be A-okay with the team losing (getting beaten - NOT TANKING) the rest of the season.

Excited that the Redskins won today!!! They played hard and should have beat the Seahawks by significantly more. Helu was a monster and should have been playing more earlier in the season. Gaffney should definitely have a spot on his team next year and DHall did his thing tonight!!!

As for some of the posters in the game thread today, I do not think that expressing that point has any place in an active game thread. If your boss is  a Democrat (or Republican) and you are a Republican (or Democrat) sometimes you have to keep your views to yourself, especially while watching a close election (or in this case a close game). So while some see a short term and appropriate view that WINNING is something that should always happen and that a losing culture is more dangerous than a high draft pick , others see a long term and appropriate view that LOSING now can beget more winning later without having to trade picks in order to get there (i.e. a QB). But during an ACTIVE game thread, root for the team, comment on players good or bad performance, or KEEP IT TO YOURSELF. You can go back and check the thread for hypocrisy, but not a single comment or mine during the game said ANYTHING about losing. 

On a side note...all of those who say they don't care about draft picks, winning is all that matters, if the team trades multiple 1st, 2nd, and 3rd round picks to move up in the draft, some of you will be the same ones complaining about that when it happens.

With all of that is where things stand after today (UPDATED - Per Parks):

1. Indianapolis Colts (0-11)
2. Minnesota Vikings (2-9)
3. St. Louis Rams (2-9)
4. Jacksonville Jaguars(3-8)
5. Carolina Panthers (3-8)
6. Miami Dolphins (3-8)
7. Washington Redskins (4-7)
8. Arizona Cardinals (4-7)
9. Kansas City Chiefs (4-7)
10. Philadelphia Eagles (4-7)


#1 - Most likely going to Colts for sure with Luck as the likely pick. 



So if Barkley, or RGIII decide to stay in for another year, then the Redskins are stuck needing to trade up. 

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