2012 Redskins Offseason - Free Agency and Draft

I have seen so many mock drafts as of late, but it's tough to mock something remotely close this early, and especially before free agency.  It is fun anyways, and always brings about great discussion.  I have chosen to look at a small sample size of what our offseason could look like, and have included some key free agent signings, and re-signings to go along with our draft. 

Key Free Agent Signings -

Let me preface this by saying, for the first time in a long time, I think it's more important we re-sign some of our own guys this offseason, before we go out and spend on other players.  I also feel we will bring in more guys than what I have listed below.  These 3 players are in key areas of importance for this team. 


Drew Stanton  QB  Lions - Stanton is brought in to back-up the new rookie.  He could be the opening day starter if our rookie is not ready.  He is a tough kid, who plays hard, and is a good locker room presence. 

Carl Nicks  OG  Saints - Nicks is one of the best G's in the NFL, and is still in his prime at just 27.  This is a much needed addition for the Redskins offensive line, and he will make them better from day one.

 Dwayne Bowe  WR  Chiefs  -  Bowe is the big, physical, game-changing presence the Redskins have been missing for a decade.  He will provide a red zone weapon for the new QB.



London Fletcher

LaRon Landry

Fred Davis

Kory Licht

Will Montgomery


2012 NFL Draft:

We are going to pull one more victory out of this season, so let's assume we are drafting between 4-6(so 5th it is!).  I'm only doing a 5 round mock here, as it becomes very difficult to project later round picks, especially this early, before the College season is done, Bowl Games have been played, and All-star games, and combine have taken place. 


Round 1 - Matt Barkley  6'2" 1/2  220  QB  USC  -  My heart says Landry Jones, but my head says Barkley.  It very well could be that Jones is gone by #5 anyways, but something in the back of my head keeps telling me Barkley is going to be the guy in DC.


Round 2 - Levy Adcock  6'6"  322  OT  Ok St  -  Adcock is my choice at OT in the 2nd round, and the spot we draft him in, figures to be just about right.  He is a big man, who moves well, and could be a day 1 starter at RT if need be.


Round 3 - Ben Jones  6' 3"  311  C  Georgia  -  Ben Jones take a little slide here in this mock, and that greatly benefits the Redskins who pounce on him in the 3rd. 


Round 4 - Devier Posey  6'0"  197  WR  Ohio St  -  Posey, who was once considered a 2nd rounder, falls because of off-field issues.  He has the speed to stretch a defense, and is a great overall athlete.


Round 4  -  Donnie Fletcher  6'1"  195  CB  B.C.  -  Fletcher is the big, physical CB the Redskins have been missing in the secondary.  He has good speed and excellent ball skills to go along with that size. 


Round 5  -  Nick Jean-baptiste  6'2"  320  NT  Baylor  -  Jean-baptiste can offer the defense some depth at NT, and may eventually become a starter at the position. 


2012 Projecting Starting Line-ups:

QB - Matt Barkley(rookie)

RB -Helu(1st year starter)

FB - Young

TE - Davis

WR - Bowe(FA)

WR - Hankerson(1st year starter)

WR - Moss

LT - Williams

LG - Licht

C - Jones(rookie)

RG - Nicks(FA)

RT - Adcock(rookie)


DE - Jenkins(1st year starter)

NT - Coefield

DE - Bowen

OLB - Rak

MLB - Fletcher

MLB - Riley(first year starter)

OLB - Kerrigan

CB - Hall

CB - Wilson

SS - Landry



So, you can see, the offense gets a full make-over this offseason.  There are only 5 starters who remained from last season(young, moss, davis, williams and Licht), although there are some younger guys who did recieve playing time last season(hankerson, helu).  The biggest change will come on the offensive line, where we introduce 3 new starters, with two of those being rookies. 


The defense remains pretty much the same with the exception of Jenkins and Riley. 

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