The Quarterback Conundrum, a Short AND Long Term Fix?

You know, I know the Kyle Orton talk recently was a joke...until he was waived.  However, there were many on this same site that wanted Orton to be traded to the Redskins during the preseason.  The more I think about it, the more I think that snatching up Orton wouldn't be such a bad idea, because it allows us to have a present at QB while grooming the future.

Check out this scenario...

First of all, look at Orton's past three seasons in Denver, and you will see a rather solid player at QB amidst a lack of real traditional offensive talent.  Look at these stats...

2009: 336-541, 3,802 yards, 62.1% comp, 21 td, 12 int, 86.8 rating
2010: 293-498, 3,653 yards, 58.8% comp, 20 td, 9 int, 87.5 rating
2011: 91-155. 979 yards, 58.7% comp, 8 td, 7 int, 75.7 rating

Obviously, 2011 was a bit of a letdown, but Orton lost Brandon Lloyd to the Rams after 4 games, and his 2nd favorite target had been traded to the Redskins (Jabar Gaffney).  Orton has a very different reputation than Rex Grossman, having thrown 79 touchdowns compared to 55 interceptions in 67 career games. plus he is pretty good at protecting the football when hit, as well.

We could pick up Orton and ride him for the rest of the season, and maybe the next 1 or 2 after that (he is only 29 right now).  Given that we have many needs to address, we could use our 1st round pick in one of two ways.  We could get a superstar 1st rounder and have Orton as the present and the rookie as the heir apparent with Orton being a solid, reliable backup.  Or, we could use the 1st round pick on addressing another need, and use our 2nd round pick on one of the projected 2nd rounders there (Tannehill, Foles) who are a bit rougher around the edges, but have a high ceiling and could be turned into really good NFL starters with a bit of time.  We don't have "a bit of time" at the QB position right now, but Orton might be the man to buy us that time.

I'm not saying this is the absolute course of action, but it is a thought to consider.  However, it is a thought that must be considered and decided upon quickly if the front office is considering this particular action.

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