Skins Vs Hawks By The Numbers+Game Info/Notable Stats


Pass Offense-228.7, Ranks 16th out of 32
Run Offense-84, Ranks 30th out of 32
Total Offense-312.7, Ranks 24th out of 32
Points Per Game-16, Ranks 27th out of 32

Pass Defense-221.4, Ranks 10th out of 32
Run Defense-117.3, Ranks 18th ouf of 32
Total Defense-338.7, Ranks 14th ouf of 32
Points Per Game Allowed-20.5, Ranks 11th ouf 32


Pass Offense-203.4, Ranks 24th out of 32
Run Offense-95.1, Ranks 27th out of 32
Total Offense-298.5, Ranks 28th out of 32
Points Per Game-16.8, Ranks 26th out of 32

Pass Defense-233, Ranks 15th out of 32
Run Defense-100, Ranks 8th out of 32
Total Defense-333, Ranks 11th out of 32
Points Per Game Allowed-20.9, Ranks 14th out of 32

Game Info

Kickoff for Skins/Hawks is set for 4:05pm EASTERN TIME at Century Link Field in Seattle, Washington. The game will be televised on Fox , with announcing duties provided form Ron Pitts and James Mora. The sideline duties will be handled by Drea Avent. 

The Skins are 3-7 and 1-4 on the road, while the Hawks are 4-6 and 2-2 at Home

ESPN's Accuscore currently has the Hawks as a 63 to 36 percent favorite by way of computer simulations. Vegas has the Hawks as a 4 point favorite to the betting public. 


Notable Good/Bad Stats-Redskins

The Skins have scored at least 21 or more points in 3 of their 5 home games.

The Skins just mangle QB's in this league. They are tied for 1st in the NFL with 31 sacks.

The Skins have been horrendous on the road this season. Since their Week 4 win over St. Louis, they have gone 0-3 on the road, scored an average of 9.7 points, and given up an average of 25 points. 

The Skins have been awful on the road in terms of yardage allowed the last three games. They have allowed 407, 390 and 303 respectively. That averages out to 367 yards per game. Yikes.


Notable Good/Bad Stats-Seahawks

The Seahawks have been solid scoring points in their wins, as they averaged 23.8 points in their victories.

Teams cannot break and run on Seattle. They are giving up an outstanding 3.5 yards a carry, which is 3rd in the NFL.

The Hawks have been putrid on third down, only converting 31.7 percent, which is 28th in the NFL. Penalties have not helped their case as they have 96 offensive penalties for 723 yards. Only Oakland has been penalized more on offense.

Hawks QB Tavaris Jackson has not posed a threat this season. He has a QB rating of 73 for the season. In the 9 games he has played, he has failed to throw a single touchdown in 5 of those games. 

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