Daily Slop: Redskins Franchise .500 for 1st time since 1937; Lorenzo Alexander 2nd Place in ST Stops


For The First Time Since 1937 The Redskins Are .500 | Fatpickled
It will get worse before it gets better, all I can tell all the diehard fans is to hang in there.

FOOTBALL OUTSIDERS: 2011 NFL Special Teams Tackles
Lorenzo Alexander (WAS) second place with 9 stops.

Re-Focused – Cowboys @ Redskins, Week 11 | ProFootballFocus.com
Rak, Riley, Fletcher grade highly, DJ Gomes, Atogwe, and the OLine...not so much.

Roy Helu: Better to finish game than start - The Insider 
"I guess the biggest thing I’ve been learning is it’s better to finish the game than to start it," Helu said.

The Redskins Radio Network calls overtime against Dallas - DC Sports Bog - The Washington Post
Call it folksy or whatever you want, but the Redskins Radio Network trio does keep things interesting.

Marion Barry says Redskins will rise like Jesus - DC Sports Bog - The Washington Post
Maybe Dexter Manley isn’t the all-time most quotable D.C. figure when it comes to the Redskins.

The Redskins Blog | London Fletcher Explains Sack Dance
"I’m hanging around with–y’know–we’ve got a younger team around here now.  These younger guys in the locker room, they’re doing all these different dances.  So in order to stay up on it, and stay young, I’ve gotta do a move here and there."

Jabar Gaffney tells Cowboys fan to kill himself - DC Sports Bog - The Washington Post
In yet another example of why Redskins players should stay off Twitter on Sunday nights, here’s Gaffney’s post-Cowboys rant.

Jabar Gaffney addresses postgame tweets - The Insider - The Washington Post
"I don’t know. Something got took out of [context]," Gaffney said Monday in the Redskins’ locker room. "Cowboys fans, that’s how they are. I was just telling the dude, ‘Y’all won, all right? Leave me alone. Don’t talk to me.’ That’s all it was."

The Redskins Blog | Nick Sundberg And His Mom (And His Back Tattoo) All Know Long Snapping

Redskins Week 11 Cheerleaders and Fans | NBC Washington
Even in loss, the Redskins cheerleaders and some of the fans still manage to look like they're having fun.

Aaron Rodgers vs. Matthew Stafford kicks off an action-packed Thanksgiving trio of games - Peter King - SI.com

David Elfin On Sports: Don’t Blame The Entire Defense; Blame DeAngelo Hall " CBS Washington
For the second time this year against archrival Dallas, the three-time Pro Bowl cornerback couldn’t stay with Dez Bryant when it mattered most.

Ten observations: Cowboys 27, Redskins 24 | John Keim
Sounds like it was LB Perry Riley who should have been locked on tight end Jason Witten on the 59-yard touchdown pass. CB DeAngelo Hall said as much after the game when he talked about London Fletcher having to leave the game with cramps and how the next guy in needs to make the play. Well, Rocky McIntosh came in but Riley slid over to Fletcher’s spot. Safety DeJon Gomes was deep and over the top, but he had to also worry about Laurent Robinson on the outside. Riley just lost sight of Witten

Mike Shanahan Kept Tony Romo From Committing A Crucial Penalty Yesterday [UPDATED]
Mike Pereira says Romo would not have been called for a penalty, only a delay of game.

Mike Shanahan still confident in DeAngelo Hall - The Insider
"DeAngelo is going to come back and look and talk about the technique and what things we can do to get better," Shanahan said. "I believe he had 11 tackles in that game, and played extremely hard. I don’t like people to get down on themselves, but at the same time I like people to be tough on themselves. I’ve got a lot of belief in DeAngelo that he’ll come back and play extremely hard and take advantage of his opportunities next time he’s on the field."

The Redskins Blog | Receivers: We’re Not Gonna Blame Gano
"We just can’t leave it up to the kicker, sometimes," he said.  "We’ve gotta finish some of these games offensively, and that’s what we were trying to do.  Gano can make that kick sometimes; sometimes he doesn’t.  I’m not gonna blame him."

Kansas City Chiefs place Matt Cassel on injured reserve - ESPN
The Kansas City Chiefs have placed quarterback Matt Cassel on injured reserve with a hand injury, ending his season.

"Deadskins Bring Arrows to A Gunfight!" - The Landry Hat - A Dallas Cowboys Fan Site 
One of the worst Cowboys game recap fan videos you can imagine.

Fan Video Blog: "Redskins Fans are the People Under The Stairs" - The Landry Hat - A Dallas Cowboys Fan Site 
OK I take that back, THIS is the douchiest fan video you can imagine. (and for the record, we never talked sh*t all week). This dude makes me wish government regulated breeding.

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