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This is my first post and I will preface it with the following: I have been a regular viewer on this site for the past year, and I am usually grateful to the creators and contributors who provide such valuable insight on the Washington Redskins.


But I was disappointed yesterday while reading the Second Half Thread for the Redskins-Cowboys game....a simple message follows after the jump.

My message is this: The Redskins fan base is generally known as one of the most savvy and knowledgeable groups of fans in the NFL, and I do not want to see that reputation altered.  Yesterday's Second Half Thread contained some of the most terrible, offensive, whiny, superstitious, and idiotic comments that I have read on this site.

Perhaps this was simply the nature of the thread, in the heat of battle against our most hated division rival.  Examples included the following:

1. Calling Jim Haslett a f*ggot

-- Senseless, no other word for it

2. "They are holding our linemen on EVERY play!"

-- Holding happens on EVERY play in the NFL.  Sometimes it gets seen, sometimes not.  The Redskins are not some special case.  Elite pass rushers fight through holds and disrupt the QB.

3. "We're snake-bitten" "Why do we ALWAYS lose like this???"

-- NFL teams lose every week, most of them by 3 points or less late in the game.  Snake-bitten, really? Curses...really?

4. Fire Jim Haslett!  Why did they call a huge blitz again and let Dez Bryant get open?

-- Haslett faked a zero blitz and then double covered Dez with OJ and DHall.  Romo made a great play out of the pocket and delivered a nice pass.  Sometimes its about what the other team did, not what the Redskins did or did not do.

5. "UGH, Tony Romo ALWAYS makes plays against us!"

-- He's a good QB, and one of the most athletic in the league.  He makes plays against everyone.

6. When AA dropped a ball in the 4th quarter: "That's it, game over, way to go Skins"

-- Really?  We came back the next play and got a first down and then tied the game with a TD to Stallworth.

7. "UGH!" "F*CK!" "We're Terrible!" "AHHHHHHHHHHH" 'ASRJKAHSKRHR" - statements after every single unsuccessful play from scrimmage.

-- Every down isn't the end of the world...even Aaron Rodgers throws incompletions.  Your whining and crying simply makes you a negative, morale-killing, nancy.

***These are just several off the top of my head that I remember.  Now, I realize that everyone hates seeing the Redskins lose, especially to Dallas, and that, in the heat of the moment, on a website, you might be liable to write whatever pops into your head at the time.

But if any of you espouse such ideas in public while watching games with friends, talking with co-workers during the week, etc., you are 1) Making yourself look bad and 2) Altering the reputation of our fan base so that outsiders think we are uneducated on football, hateful, irrational, offensive, and overall terrible fans.


Tighten up, HAIL

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