An alternative strategy for 2012?

While I hold out hope that the Redskins will continue to fight through this injury-ravaged season, it is only natural to look to the future. The number of posts about college quarterbacks is evidence that many feel the same. Luck, Barkley and Jones all look like good prospects and it looks like we'll have a top 5 pick for one of them, the way things are going.

So, naturally, here's a different strategy...

Free Agent QB - Matt Flynn. Flynn can play. He has a Super Bowl ring already (he may even have two by the season's end) but he isn't going to usurp Rodgers (a man who benefitted fron sitting behind a Pro-Bowler himself)  in Green Bay. It's time he was given the keys to a franchise. Washington can afford him. The draftees may end up being better than him (though they may not) but he'll be a better NFL QB in 2012 and 2013, at least. I like him to be a top 10 or 12 QB in the NFL with Washington.

Speaking of players ready to play...

First Round Pick - Matt Kalil (OT) USC. Love him, he will make the line better immediately. A starting line of;

Kalil / Licht / Monty / Chester / Trent

is an immediate improvement. Williams could develop with less pressure at RT (while providing a swift kick up the backside) and it would allow us to forget about Jammal Brown already. Willie Smith could develop into a fine young swing OT behind them. Locklear could be fourth on the depth chart, which is about where he should be. I suppose (tin hat on) there's always Ryan Harris...

Interior OL would still need improvment, but they can be found further down the draft. Carl Nicks is the outstanding Guard in FA but would command too much money. Ben Grubbs is a good player (and would continue our tradition of stealing players selected by the Ravens) but I don't know if he'd fit the scheme.

Hey, maybe Ryan Kalil would like to come play with his brother in a year or two? We can all dream...

With Flynn now, thanks to Kalil, having more than three seconds to throw the ball, the question is whether to find anther WR. I hope Hankerson, Moss, Gaffney, Paul and Austin ( Stallworth, Armstrong and Banks should all be gone) can do the business but a relatively young, proven FA WR would be of help. There are a few big names out there and the 'Skins should at least enquire about the likes of Pierre Garcon, Dwayne Bowe, Early Doucet and the two Saints guys (Colston and Meachem).

I like our guys but, like just about every other position, we have depth guys starting and substandard players backing them up. The injuries this year have proven that.

Maybe Shanny can get Schefter to leak a rumour about Vincent Jackson being back on the booze?

Second to Fourth Round. After all the trading last year, it is impossible to say what will happen but, if Washington keep their second, third and two fourth round picks, I'd like to see a CB, ILB, and two more OL. Everything after that is a crapshoot.

Ideally, I'd like to see another dedicated NT. Franklin's not been a great success in New Orleans and he's only on a one year contract. His value will be lower and he could take some of the pressure off Cofield and the returning Jenkins and allows us to develop Neild slowly. Carriker also comes back, I think.

LaRon Landry is an interesting situation, he would've been a lock to come back this time last year but injuries have made the idea of breaking the bank for him less attractive. I think they get the deal done but wecould do with help in the secondary. Weirdly enough, it seems like the entire Tennessee secondary is out of contract? I'd take Cortland Finnegan to play CB, just because it's fun to cheer for at least one bad guy.

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