QB of the future...on the team?


Work with me here.  This is crazy,  I know.   Earlier today I was poking around online, looking at the last draft, and where prospects went.  I was looking at last year's qb class, and remembered that some people were compaing Pat Devlin to Joe Flacco.  How could you not?  They're similar in stature, and went to the same school.   I remember hearing talk that Devlin could sneak into the 2nd round, and then the combine came, and he wasn't too impressive, and he didn't get drafted at all. 

Devlin is now languishing on the practice squad of the Dolphins - and given their QB situation that's not exactly high praise.  But the guy did go to a Division 2 school, and not everyone has the Raven's O line and D, so I figured - maybe they're just "grooming" him- why not swoop in and pick the guy up?  He's 6'4" and 220 or so - and has the talent to form into a serviceable qb....sounds perfect for our future back up, right?

My thinking became - I should make a post about how this guy is superior to Crompton, and see what people think!  However in reviewing, Crompton is justan inch shorter, and was highly rated the year he came out, being drafted in the 5th by San Diego.  (I know that QB class was awful, bear with me here.)

I feel fairly confident this team is going to lose at least 3 of the next 4 games.  After that, sitting at 4 and 9 could you imagine them bringing up Crompton to 'see what they have'???

Now, get up from your computer and get whatever Kool-Aid you have in the fridge.  With games against the Giants, Vikes and Eagles, suppose the Skins win 2 of those 3.  (totally screwing up our draft position) 

Next year The Shannaplan continues, and we trade back in the first round, getting an O lineman in the first, and a Cornerback  and a Wide reciever/another O lineman in the second.   We grab yet another 'Developmental' qb later in the draft.  (Weedon?  Foles? Keenum?) 

We waltz into next year with a bolstered O and D and some scrub at QB that gave us a glimmer of hope at the end fo this year. 

Hmm....I'm going to have to sit for a while.  I can't drive home, my blood sugar content is too high from drinking all this Koolaid. 

Anyone else have some crazy fantasies about the end of this year and the draft? 

P.S.  Ih8- we know - the Skins are going 10-6.  We know.  31-17.  We know.  Parks- just cutting Brandon Banks isn't a crazy fantasy.

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