Looking on the Bright Side, Part 2 and a solution to the QB conundrum?

Looking on the bright side of life (Part 2)

Oh dear, the Redskins Meltdown is in full effect. The reign of John Beck comes to an end and another chapter in the book of Rex "the sex" Grossman begins.


Another long and dull chapter for Redskin Fans across the world continues to be written.

Maybe we should rename the site to Groundhogs Haven…

So what went wrong?

The running game was grounded, again...

Ryan Torain, why oh why do you do it to us? You beast games and look like a monster or you just plod into an A-gap and get tackled at the line of scrimmage, there is little midground. Besides the St Louis game, you've sucked and should be cut for Evan Royster (at least he can pass protect and follow blocks)





Where the HELL was Helu!?

Why didn't our best RB get a carry until the second half? Helu ran the ball effectively, when he was given a chance and it wasn't like we were 2 scores or more down, so why was the ground game abandoned... Again?


Interceptasaurus Rex;

The thing I really, really dislike about Grossman, is that at times he looks like a really good QB and makes you believe in him (see the Week 1 Giants game, and up until his 1st INT against Miami) Then out of nowhere he'll make a disgusting play and snatch all hope away from you.


His second INT is my main argument for Beck. Yes they both suck, but with Beck he wouldn't make that play, if nothing else we would of got the field goal that would have put us in front.





3rd Down D;

In the first half our defence gave up way to many 1st downs, mainly through the air to a certain Brandon Marshall... Our DBs in general played a poor game, DHall and Kevin Barnes just couldn't handle his size and speed.

Another 2 players out for the Season;

Wow, we haven't been great and I'm not blaming injuries for our implosion, but we have been EXTREMELY unlucky with our player’s health

The cloud is getting bigger, but so is the silver lining!

Jail Break;

Today we witnessed two break out performances by two of our young players. Perry Riley was everywhere on the field, he dominated against their inside run and had 9 tackles, 4 for a loss, as well as being a demon when asked to blitz! 

Hank the Tank was on fine form, he didn't do anything spectacular, he just ran good routes and made good catches... Obviously, the gods of football have decided that tearing his Labrum was the price we'd have to pay for actually having a decent receiver over 5'9.





The Front 7 looks like a Top 10 unit;

With the exception of Bush's 18-yard TD, they dominated against a potent offensive line (bar Colombo) and two talented backs. Chris Nield was given an expanded role and I thought he handled it very well. The starting line-up of Cofield, Carricker and Bowen remains solid and they played a big part, doing all the dirty work to keep the backers clean.

Kerrackpo Continues to Grow;

Kerrigan dominated today and forced 2 turnovers, its scary to think that he will develop further... Orakpo looks like his skills in coverage and against the run have improved a lot this year, on his coverage on a short completion to Devone Bess he looked the best I'd ever seen him in zone. He routinely set the edge and didn't allow anything outside of him. His Pass Rush wasn't up to his usual standard, although he did bring pressure a few times. Yes, he was up against Jake Long, one of the best LTs in football. But, if we're going to win football games our best have to beat their best. Although Orakpo played well, a sack would have been a great statement for him.

Have we found a starting RT?

Sean Locklear played a great game, he shut down Cameron Wake, who is one of the best pass rushers in the game. He may not be the best run blocker, but he is a decent starter who should remain in the line-up for the rest of the season. Unless he has a catastrophic relapse, then I think he should be our starter going into 2012 as well.





I know it’s hard to watch and the season (barring a Kool-Aid miracle) is lost, but the rest of our season isn’t about winning. It’s about watching our young talent grow seeing what we have on our Roster to move forward with.

Also as an interesting development, Matt Schaub is out for the season with a broken foot. Matt Leinart is taking his place as the starter, if Leinart comes in and plays well how would you guys feel about a potential trade for Schaub or Leinart? 

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