Redskin Free Agents At The End Of The Season

Having a bad team gives us the luxury of jumping ahead a bit. Frankly as bad as we are, it seems (at least to me) we have a good number of free agents on our own roster that we will need to address in the offseason. Below I have listed the unrestricted free agents (hopefully I did not miss anybody) and my initial thoughts. As Mike Meyers on "Coffee Talk" used to say; discuss amongst yourselves.

Grossman, QB: Hopefully…See Ya!

Hightower, RB: I guess it’s going to depend on how he recovers from injury. But quite frankly, we are thin at RB (I’m not on the Choice train) and I don’t think he will cost a lot- so let’s resign him.

Davis, TE: He is going to cost a lot to keep. This is a tough decision. I’m going to make an unpopular decision and say let’s let him walk (get a supplemental pick for him) and hope Cooley has a couple of years left and Paulson continues to develop.

Montgomery, C: I would keep Monty, plain and simple. He is not great, but gives 110% and is versatile. Ideally he would be a good back up at C/G.

Lichtensteiger, G: Tougher question. Like Monty, He is not great, but far exceeded my expectations this year- seems like a "good character guy". I’d like to keep him if the price is right and he recovers 100% from injury.

Carriker, DE: Another tough call that will depend on the benjamins. He has played pretty well this year. If Jenkins is not back to 100%, then we may need to bring him back or find a comparable replacement.

Golston, DE: OK, he is not that great of a player, but seems to have done pretty well as a backup before the injury. His teammates seem to like him (I remember Fletcher pushing to get him resigned because he showed up at all the lock out practices). I’d be inclined to keep him as back up for now.

Fletcher, ILB: I think he is going to leave. He has 2 years left in his career and I think he will want to jump on with a contender. I wish him the best of luck if he does- the world would be an incredible place if everyone had his work ethic. We are going to need to find a replacement in the draft or free agency.

McIntosh, ILB: I’m going to say what many women have said to me; " I’m sorry, It’s not you, it me. I wish you the best."

Landry, S: He’s going to expect a lot in terms of $. I simply don’t know if we should keep him or not. I struggle with this-

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