Latest 2012 NFL Mock Draft For the Redskins (6 rounds)

Hey guys,

Since nothing is going right with the season so far I thought I'd share with you my latest Mock draft and how it affects the Redskins. Given the most recent loss and some wins by other bad teams, I've moved the Redskins up to the 4th pick in my Mock Draft. As always you can check out my entire mock draft here!


1st Round: QB Matt Barkley- (6'2", 220)

Honestly I'm not thrilled with this pick. It's not that I don't see the need for a signal caller, but rather I feel Barkley's ceiling is just in the 'good' range. While that is light years better than what the Skins currently have, is it worth spending a top 5 pick on a quarterback who might never be a top 10 quarterback in this league? I also don't really see Barkley as a year one starter (especially on this team), which is a tough sale to draft a guy in the top 5 picks and then not play him. If I predicted trades in this mock, I would have wanted to move back to the late first round and pick up Ryan Tannehill and some additional 2nd and 3rd round picks. In the end Barkley's a good pick, but I don't think it is the 'franchise changing pick' that everyone is expecting it to be.

2nd Round: OT Mike Adams, Ohio State- (6'8", 320)

The Redskins need to find a bookend tackle to Trent Williams and given the fact that there isn't much on the free agent market the Redskins will need to find their bookend in the draft. Adams comes with some baggage, but according to reports he's really starting to show some signs of maturation and has continued to develop into a frontline tackle. If he checks out in the interview process, the Redskins could be getting a steal here with this pick. Adams also has the talent to possibly transition to LT in a year or two if Trent Williams doesn't develop into the stud LT the Skins are hoping for.

3rd Round: C Ben Jones, Georgia- (6'3", 318)

The Skins line is among the league's worst and they need a major influx of talent this offseason. Jones is a great value here in the early 3rd round, and looks to have the tools to be a year one starter for the Redskins. He doesn't project to be 'elite', but he has the potential to be a very good center, and that would be a nice addition for Washington.

4th Round: CB Trumaine Johnson, Montana- (6'2", 204)

Trumaine Johnson was at one point considered a 2nd rounder out of Montana, but a recent run in with the police has his status very much up in the air. Most accounts point to Johnson as a good character guy and a leader on the field. If he checks out he'd be an absolute steal. Johnson has not only starting potential, but elite shutdown potential as well. If he played in a big conference even with the police incident he'd be a top 25 pick.

4th Round: WR Ryan Broyles, Oklahoma- (5'10" 188)

Broyles was a mid-2nd round pick before tearing his ACL two weeks ago, and now his draft status is very much up in the air. By tearing his ACL now, there is almost zero chance he'll be able to do any sort of real workout before the NFL draft (def. nothing involving cuts). Some teams who were high on him could still take a shot on him in the late 3rd or 4th round, but it wouldn't surprise me if he falls to the 5th round range. With the Redskins having an extra pick here, it would be well worth the risk to take a shot on Broyles. Broyles doesn't have great size, speed, or quickness, but always gets separation and has very sure hands. Broyles is also an extremely hard worker, and definitely a guy the Redskins would love to get at this point.

5th Round: WR Brian Quick, Appalachian State- (6'5", 220)

Quick is a big tall receiver that could give the Redskins the Red Zone threat they have lacked for years. He's got a lot of upside and could be a good number 2 WR in the future. While not really fast, he makes the most out of his speed and gets in and out of his breaks pretty well for a big guy. Really solid pickup here in the early 5th round and would really help complete the Redskins WR corps.

6th Round: G/T Manase Foketi, Kansas State- (6'5", 300)

Foketi is another guy coming off an injury, but would be a nice value pick here in the 6th round. He's a guy who probably would have been a 4th rounder if healthy. He's got experience playing tackle, but projects best as a guard in the NFL. He's a good depth guy to have given his upside and versatility. 

6th Round: DT Dominique Hamilton, Missouri- (6'5", 310)

Hamilton has been a guy climbing up draft boards this year, as he's displayed great leverage and generates a solid pass rush. While right now his 310 lbs size projects better as an end in the 3-4, he could be asked to put on some weight so he can play the NT position. 

Let me know what you guys think! How happy would you be with those picks, and who would you potentially change based on how i'm projecting the draft to shake out.

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