Enough w/ Using 1st Two Picks on OLine!!!

The exclamations points will probably garner some pretty strong responses, but so be it. I did a post at the end of last year regarding O-Line and how they are build if you scan the different teams in the league. Outside of the Jets...NO team has all 1st round picks on their line, and I don't believe the Jets 2011 line has all 1st round picks either. See examples below of 2010 O-Line makeup of several teams:


With regards to O-Line, let's take a look at the New England Patriots O-Line. I think anyone (blogger, NFL analyst, player, etc.) would agree that if not Top 3 O-Line in the league, the Patriots are at least Top 10. Their line is made up as follows:


Matt Light (RT) - 2nd Round Pick 

Logan Mankins (LG) - 1st Round (32nd Pick)

Dan Koppen (C)-  5th Round Pick

Dan Connolly (RG) - FA 2007

Sebastian Vollmer (RT) - 2nd Round Pick


LT – 1st
LG – Rookie FA
C – Undrafted FA
RG – Rookie FA
RT – 5th


LT – 1st
LG – 3rd
C – 6th 
RG 3rd
RT – 7th


LT – 1st (23rd)
LG – 1st (19th) 
C – 6th 
RG – 2nd
RT – 3rd


RT: Diem – 4th Round
RG: Pollak – 2nd Round
C: Staurday – FA
RG: DeVan – FA
RT: Johnson 6th Round


RT: McKenzie 3rd Round
RG: Snee – 2nd Round 
C: O’Hara – Undrafted FA 
LG: Seubert – Rookie FA
LT: Diehl – 5th Round




However....As for QB

So...of the 32 NFL Starters in 2010



Top 10


1st Round


2nd Round


3rd Round


4th Round


5th Round


6th Round


7th Round





 If 37% of current Franchise QB's (I use the term loosely for Alex Smith, Jason Campbell, and Vince Young remember this is 2010, it would increase for 2011) are Top 10 picks, then why not select one in the 2012 draft? There is much better talent in the Top 4-5 QB's in this years draft than last year. The goal is for the Redskins to NOT be selecting in the top 20 for a good long time. If this is to be the last year we select in the Top 10, then a QB is actually the best idea, even if you have to trade a pick or two (NOTE - A pick or two, not 5). 


You can find several top notch or better than a current Redskin starter for the O-Line in the 2012 Free Agent Class ( But a franchise QB MUST be drafted, they don't typically make it to free agency. I believe Peyton Manning is a great example of a QB leading a pretty terrible team to the playoffs, but I don't see many elite O-Line leading a terrible QB to the playoffs. 


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