Game Tape on Jones, Griffin III, and Barkley

Hey everyone, I'm Mr. Awesome. I'm new to the Hogs Haven community, but I've visited this site almost every day since June, when I found it. This is my first Fan Post, but I do have sports writing experience from my website. Just thought I'd let you know who I am before I started.
Anyway, the three college QB's that have been most closely associated with the Burgundy and Gold are Landry Jones (OU), Robert Griffin III (Baylor), and Matt Barkley (USC). Now, I figure that Mike Shanahan is dropping games to end up with a top 5 draft pick and get one of these three guys. So I studied some tape on all three (thanks to YouTube videos). There are a few things I've observed about each:

The majority of the plays he's in are shotgun plays that end up in long throws down the sideline. Kyle Shanahan's offense just doesn't work like that. Other than that, he does have good arm strength, is pretty accurate on the run (and in general), and has good vision. But he would have to learn the offense, and whether or not he can run bootleg after bootleg remains to be seen.

I'd draft him to put at kick returner! This guy has INSANE speed. Baylor uses his speed to run a lot of options, but some of those turn into bootleg play action passes. He's solid on the run, and he will run if given the chance. He has good arm strength, but what you have to remember is that there are some durability issues that come with him. With our offensive line in the state that it is? We better hope that if we get him we get 5 new starting-caliber O-Linemen.

He is the one I was most impressed with. USC ran a lot of bootlegs, and he did well on them. he has pretty good arm strength (though not as good as the previous two) and he's good on the run because of those bootlegs. He will run occasionally; less than Griffin III and more than Jones. He has had a few surgeries on his throwing arm, such as on his wrist. That scares me a little but I think he'll be okay (ever heard of Joe Namath?).

I really think that it really depends on our draft spot who we pick. If it's top 3, I think it'll be Barkley. Anything else, and I think it's Griffin III. If neither two are available, then I think they go with Jones. Kyle Shanahan likes to sign guys who know his offense. These two play in similar offenses. Personally, I'm hoping Barkley.


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