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Hello there Hogs Haven!

We over at the Phinsider, the Miami Dolphins SB Nation Blog, have a bit of a tradition of reaching out to opposing fans just before a game for some friendly Q&A.

This Sunday your Redskins will come down to Miami to take on the no longer winless Miami Dolphins.  Never thought I could be happy about 1-7.

The Fins are coming of a big win over the Chiefs where the offense and defense were just dominant.  The question for everyone is whether this was just a fluke game or if the Fins can keep playing at this level.  This Sunday's game should set the tone for the remainder of the Dolphins season.  

To get the conversation started here are some things DolFans will be looking at:

  1. The continuation of the Reggie Bush show.  Reggie has looked fantastic these last two games and it is no mystery that a team that can run the ball will perform well.  If Reggie can get it going it might be a long day for the Redskins D.  If he cant, it will look like the first half of our season all over again.
  2. Redskins pass rush v Dolphins pass protection.  Matt Moore's great game against the Chief was set up by incredible pass protection by the Fins O-line.  Tamba Hali was stone-walled by Jake Long.  Now the Redskins terrify me with Orakpo and Kerrigan.  While Long and Pouncey are great, the right side of the O-Line with Colombo and Carey is a revolving door.
  3. The return of Beck.  DolFans can completely sympathize with Redskins fans on this one.  Should be interesting to see the return of the red-headed-step-child-reminder of a horrible point in our franchise.
  4. Performance of the Dolphins D.  The defense was the pride of this team coming to the season, but they disappeared just before the beginning of the first game of the season.  We saw a glimpse of what we expected them to be in shutting down the Chiefs last Sunday.  Karlos Dansby and Kevin Burnett looked like on of the best ILB duos in the league last week, but can they keep it up?  Only Sunday will tell.
I will be in and out through the day to answer any questions you guys may have.  Couple of other guys form the Phinsider usually pop in to answer questions as well, so keep an eye out for them as they are a wealth of information.
On a side note.  I am a Canes fan and alumni so I have always liked the Redskins.  Interested to see Hankerson on Sunday.  The Redskins were also home to my favorite Canes player of all time, Sean Taylor.  Gone too soon...  

To lighten the mood, heres a joke!
Q: Why did Sean Taylor never wear a condom?
A: Because there was no such thing as protection from Sean Taylor.

Thanks guys and good luck on Sunday!
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