Everyone just calm down

I have been a Skins fan my entire life. I remember the glory days of the 80s. I have watched the Danny take this once great franchise and take a giant dump all over it for the past 12 years. I have had the highs and I've had the lows and I can tell you all that this is different.

People, people, people back up from the ledge and put the gun down. We have reason to be optimistic for the first time in a long time. We suck this year. There I said it. We are not going to the playoffs. Hell I'm not sure we win another game this year. You know what? That might be the best thing for this team.

My reasons why after the jump.

1. Our owner is no longer treating our storied franchise as his own personal fantasy team. I heard at one point he wanted to change the team name to Roses are Redskins. But he worships the headcoach and the GM was raised a Skin so he will stay hands off for the time being.

2. Bruce and Shanahan have a Shannaplan. I know it seems hard to believe but I will lay it out as I see the plan. Year One: Examine the roster and see what we have. Impliment offensive and defensive scheme that works best for this regime. Start turning over old guys and overpaid guys. Rework contracts in uncapped year to get out form under former Front Offices horrible mistakes. Year Two: Realize D is closer then the O to being competetive. Focus early draft rounds and most FAs to begin to fix D. Stop gap O and draft later round developmental talent for future.

3. We have a good young core forming on both sides of the line. Rak, RyKer, Jenkins, Wilson, Landry, Jackson, Bowen, Cofield, Nield, Riley on D. Helu, Torain, Davis, Paul, Austin, TWilliams, Hank, Paulsen, Willie Smith on O.

4. The upcoming draft. We have 5 picks in the first four rounds. That could translate into 3-5 new starters. If we can have another solid draft I see us in line for a playoff spot. Here is where our record this year can help. There is a very distinct possibility we finish 3-13 at this point. After watching Sundays game you can't argue that. Now let us say for arguements sake that Miami ends at 1-15, the Colts 2-14, Broncos at 3-13, and us at 3-13. That gives us the fourth pick. Even if you give us one more win I believe we still have a top five pick. So Miami takes Luck. Colts take Kalil because they decide to suround Manning for one more run. Denver takes Jones. That leaves us in the perfect spot.

If Seattle wants Barkley maybe they make us a good offer for extra picks. Or lets say Cleveland wants a stud WR for McCoy to throw to, they have two first round picks. I could see us parlaying that into a nice draft. We keep one first and trade the other for more picks. We can land Tannehill late first or early second and fix our Oline or draft a stud MLB or one of the top CB prospects. Maybe it's wishful thinking on my part. I would like to hear other peoples thoughts on the matter.

5. We get our injured players back. Cooley is good depth, Litch is good depth, and if you look at Jenkins coming back he was looking awesome in preseason and it is like having an extra 2nd round pick next year. He is staying at Redskins park to rehab and is in all of the team meetings. This will help him a shitton next year.

6. Salary cap space. We should have some space this upcoming offseason to continue to add some nice pieces much like this last offseason. We can continue to pice the puzzle together.

This is the first time in a long time that I have been optimistic about our future. I know some of you beg to differ but I feel we are still on an upward trajectory. We were never a playoff team coming into the season. Not with Rex and Beck as our QBs. Anyone that htought that has bigger problems then a losing season by the Skins.

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